Food With Healthy Nutrition for Pregnancy

Consuming good food is an important requirement that must be met by the mother when she was pregnant. Health and baby’s development also depends on the intake of nutrients consumed by the mother during pregnancy. So watch and also selecting a good meal is important for pregnant women and fetuses always healthy.

When pregnant, does not mean she should be eating too much. Nevertheless, about three hundred extra calories are needed for pregnant women. Ie the equivalent of a banana or a bowl of cereal also mixed with milk and low-fat.

Foods that contain healthy nutrients for pregnant women

The nutritional requirements not only of one type of food, but also from a variety of foods. The nutrient content of example only as folic acid helps prevent birth defects, protein and calcium which helps in tissue formation in the fetus, both body and bones. The iron provided assistance in bringing oxygen to the fetus, or forming hemoglobin.

Apart from having to consume vegetables and certain fruits which are not harmful to the fetus, nutrition exist in other foods is also important.

The following foods and beverages also suggested ber healthy nutrients consumed by the mother who is in a period of pregnancy, among which are as follows;

  1. Water;

    White water is the drink that is often consumed, or can be called as a staple beverage. Water is the prevention of premature births, constipation, bladder infections to hemorrhoids and should be consumed in moderation. Less is more when she was pregnant, pregnant women need two and a half liters of water, equivalent to ten glasses of water.

  2. Eggs, fish and lean meats;

    All three of these foods have a protein content that is important for fetal growth. This food group is important, especially when you’re on a trimester two and three. Choline in eggs provide support in the development of the fetal brain and body. Thus helping to reduce the risk especially with regard to defects in the neural tube.

  3. Nuts;

    Nuts have a sufficient role in women who are pregnant, which is a good fiber to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Nuts also have a wealth of useful substances for pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition to the above, the food was good for pregnant women as well as sufficient carbohydrate content as well as supplements and also milk for pregnant women.