Cucumber advantages pertaining to Health along with WajahBerjerawat  

Benefits of your cucumber icp capsule is usually good intended for beauty absolutely provides no doubt again.This is seen through the variety connected with facial treatments This MAKE use OF cucumber. Cucumber is actually sole of the vegetables which might be crammed within water, features a lot of amazing benefits.

During these cucumbers tend to be not single taken Equally food, but additionally widely taken Just as the main ingredient in order to Build a mask. Both treatments in the salon or maybe in home, cucumber widely obtained to acquire a great bright and also radiant skin.

Benefits Cucumber Face

benefit-cucumber-for-health-pregnant mother-face-pimply

Almost any person loves cucumbers, along with taste While ingested fresh cucumber may also assistance treat your face in order to you. advantages associated with cucumber for its face tend to be numerous, these kinds of as:

– Tighten ones skin

– Whiten skin

– Reduces swelling of your eyelids

– Healing burns from the sun

– Brighten your face along with skin repair

– straight down your current pores

– Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, black spots as well as other signs connected with aging

– as an antioxidant

Basically benefits delivered cucumbers are not simply a good little. ones desire to obtain the beautiful face, white, toned and radiant will an individual achieve via cucumber.

Benefits Cucumber Facial Acne

For those of an individual which have facial acne problem, You can furthermore carry advantage of a cucumber in order to remove disfiguring acne so that you can face. advantages involving cucumber with regard to facial acne can be obviously already a lot for you to prove.

The way will be easy, so that you can smooth cucumber cucumbers for you to taste as well as employ these being a face mask. Let stand until dry and rinse in warm water and then fill in throughout cold water. Do the routine until your acne disappear.

Cucumber launch to be able to Health

useful addition for the beauty of your face, cucumber proved to acquire tremendous launch regarding health. Cucumbers usually are low inside calories, consequently via eating cucumber assists you inside overcoming constipation. Cucumber for some other health benefits It can aid digestion, That is because the skin cucumber has a good high fiber content.

Other benefits through eating cucumbers in which can nourish your own kidney, prevent diabetes, reduce your current risk associated with cancer, cure headaches, removes toxins, strengthens bones with vitamin K which will be owned and also inhibit Alzheimer’s disease.

Cucumber intro regarding Pregnant Women

Even extra surprising, cucumber launch with regard to pregnant women furthermore exist. your own benefit will be The item The idea can assistance your current growth of a brain of your fetus because the cucumber contains omega 3. Moreover, various other intro throughout pregnant women This can make your lips of any uterus of the mother during childbirth end up being extra elastic.

Motivation Islam Old Man Story Simple And Thieves Papaya

Stories Islamic motivation this Motivator Indonesia time is told of an Old Man Simple and Thieves papaya. One afternoon, he saw pieces of papaya tree in front of his house have started yellowing on several sides papaya and ready to be harvested. The old man is planning to harvest the fruit of tomorrow so that the fruit is completely – completely cooked through. However, when morning came, the old man saw a papaya fruit gone and lost stolen.

The grandfather suddenly so sad, until she was surprised to see him so sad.

“Why so glum kmu Just because a papaya has been lost” the wife said.

“Not that it makes me sad” said the grandfather,

“I’m sad because kepikiran, how hard that person taking papaya us. For the sake of a papaya, she was willing to hide – hide in the middle of the night so as not known. Not only that, to be able to pluck him also had to climb. ”

“Therefore Bun” said the grandfather, “I will put stairs under the tree papaya us, and I hope he comes back tonight and if he wants to reap the fruit of the papaya the other one, he does not need to climb and had difficulty again to take papaya that”.

However, at the time of the morning, the old man saw a papaya that was still there and still the exact same steps as he put it yesterday. He did not move a step, and hope that the thief would come tonight. But the next morning, the papaya fruit still on the tree.

Carrying two large papaya.

In the afternoon, there was someone who came carrying two large papaya pay a visit grandfather. The grandfather was not familiar at all with the guests. Long story short, after talking for a long time, when they want want the guest farewell regretfully admitted that it was he who stole papaya grandfather.

“Actually,” said the guest,

“The next night I wanted to go back to steal the remaining papaya fruit. But when I found out there is a ladder under a tree, I have awakened and at that moment I was determined not to steal again. Therefore, I want to restore your papaya and to be able to redeem my mistake, I present for papaya that I have just bought in the market for you “.

The story above may only be a simpler story. But there are benefits that we can learn from this story is about patience, virtue, sincerity and a positive outlook on life. Can we be positive when we lose something we love sincerely? then look for the bright side and then forget about the pain of a disaster? Hopefully this story Islamic motivation can be an afterthought and beneficial for us to live better and in any case can still think positively.

Benefits Potato Face


Benefits of potatoes for the face and skin beauty is widely agreed. One is the potato is often used to deflate eye bags. Eyes are tired from lack of sleep often bring eye bags that make the eyes look puffy and unattractive.

In addition to deflate eye bags, potato is also beneficial for acne and also brightens the skin. To treat acne and brightens the skin, the potato can be used in a way to use as a mask.

Masket benefits Potatoes

Potato mask benefits not only to deal with acne and lightens the skin, but also to combat premature aging. Nutrients contained in potato tubers makes it suitable for use as an anti-aging treatment mask.

If used routinely and regularly, masks potatoes can help disguise wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face, especially around the eyes, forehead and smile lines. Moreover, potato mask can soften the skin and make the skin look radiant.

Benefits of Potatoes To Diet

Beautiful face must be supported by a healthy and slim body. Well, the potato is also beneficial to maintain and lose weight. Benefits of potatoes for an excellent diet to lose weight, of course what is meant here is not boiled potatoes fried potatoes.

Potatoes are boiled with the skin is rich in fiber and can be used as a substitute for rice. The complex carbohydrates in potatoes boiled more difficult to digest so it will make the body feel full longer. Thus, we will be able to reduce the intake of carbohydrates should be avoided if you want to lose weight.

Besides those mentioned above, the potato is also beneficial for healthy hair. Potatoes are believed to moisturize the scalp and reduce hair loss. In addition, potatoes are also able to overcome gray hair. Use grated potatoes mixed with eggs and lemon juice and rub into the scalp.

Gently massage the scalp and leave for half an hour, then rinse hair thoroughly. Do it regularly in order to be healthy and strong hair. Well, you see that the benefits of the potato is not very much for health and beauty of the face. Therefore, let us more consumption of potatoes from now on.

Acrylic Nail Removal Tips for You to Do at Home

acrylic nails designs

Removing the acrylic nail is actually not a hard thing to do. However, there are some women who have a lot of troubles when they want to remove the acrylic nails at home. The main reason is because they do not know what they have to do. They think that removing this kind of nail is that easy. For those who want to remove the acrylic nails at home, you might want to try some of these simple tips below. That is because these tips below will help you get the better process in removing the acrylic nails that you have.


The first one that you need to do is making sure that you have all of the tools, equipments and supplies that you need. This one is very important to make sure that you can remove the nails perfectly. However, you will not need to think that much about the price for the equipments and tools. That is because you can easily get the cheap equipments and tools as long as the functions are remain the same. That will not be a problem at all.
cute nail ideas
The next tip that you can try for the easy acrylic nail removal is using the high quality supplies. You need to understand that the supplies are something quite important and most of the time, the supplies are the best of all things that you need. Without the best supplies for the cleaning, removing, and some other things, you can make sure that you will have a hard time in removing the acrylic nails that you have. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using the high quality supplies that can help you with all of those processes in removing the acrylic nails.


The last tip that you need to try is having the patience. This one is the most important thing that you need to have. That is because many women feel as if they do not have the time for all of these things so that they will only do everything fast. The problem is, for this last acrylic tips, you need to have the patience. Without the patience, you can make sure that the result will not be good. That is why you will need the patience. As an addition to that, the duration of the nail removal for the acrylic nails depends on the person. If you are skillful, you can finish the process within less than 15 minutes.

your own function STIE Prakarti Mulya

A. Understanding Writing STIE Prakarti Mulya
Writing can be lowered or depicts ones emblem : your own symbol of your graph illustrating the language that is to be understood anyone therefore The idea others will probably read your current graphic emblem.
In line with the understanding involving Nurgiyantoro Burhan along with Tarin HG, Suhendar as well as Pien Supinah (1994) offers your sense The idea writing is usually a technique connected with change in the application connected with wishful thinking : wishful feelings thus always be ones symbol of an Sign wrote form.
Through writing when i will probably put what i feel, in addition to what my spouse and i want. in addition to writing can even be consumed being a means intuk memories about something within writing. The idea are similar to what \’m said Merriam (2005: 19) It writing will also be interpreted Just as your own language skills The item gives people a location to shop along with take pleasure in Kenagan kno thoughts feelings desires as well as goals.
Writing is an activity or perhaps activities of you to convey the idea indirectly in order to others by the reader by means of ones symbol of the graph This will be understood from the writer as well as the reader, causing zero direct communication between your writer in addition to reader (Muchlisoh, 1993: 233).
Based towards opinion : your own above opinion is usually concluded This writing is really a ketempilan language That is consumed like a communication tool This serves pouring thoughts as well as feelings regularly throughout emblem – the symbol of a graph consequently This some other people can understand. throughout writing i will certainly express ourselves in total.
B. launch write
The advantages involving writing from experts, according Sabarti, et al. (1988: 2) writes launch include:
1. Knowing your own abilities as well as potential AND MY OWN knowledge of an selected topic. coming from developing the topic The idea my spouse and i tend to be needed to think, gain knowledge along with experience saved unconscious.
2. from developing a variety of ideas my spouse and i are required to reason, Connect – Relate as well as compare your particulars – your current fact That my partner and i will probably never do if my spouse and i do not write.
3. during writing we will be observers along with assessors associated with OUR ideas objectively.
4. This can be much easier in order to solve ones problem by analyzing explicitly on the context of the further concrete.
5. via writing when i usually are actively thinking and so The idea my spouse and i is your own inventor AND problem solver, not simply just bugging information.
The introduction involving writing according towards the senior standard Hariston (1996: 3-4), namely:
1. Writing activities are usually Serana looking for something, on the sense regarding lifting ideas in addition to information on the subconscious regarding MY PERSONAL thinking,
2. Writing activities will probably bring new ideas.
3. Writing activities will certainly train your current ability to be able to organize along with clarify concepts as well as ideas The idea i have.
The launch connected with writing According to Andi Bastomi Hepi, MA said There are all 5 associated with wealth that will be generated with the authors, namely:
1. Wealth reward
2. Intellectual money
3. Wealth friend
4. Wealth associated with knowledge
5. Intellectual name
C. your own writing language
1. your own value connected with intelligence
2. ones rule associated with education
3. code psychiatric
4. the value associated with community
5. Financial Value
6. rule philosophical
D. operates Writing
According Rusyana (1936) emnulis works is actually viewed via 2 aspects, namely in relation to usability along with it\’s role with bringing in up.
1. operate usability
a. Delineate
In This paper your own authors depict as well as describe something superior describe your application form connected with objects or maybe describe your own Conditions therefore that the reader may follow ones instructions This What exactly is depicted or perhaps talked about their author.
b. guideline off
In the particular paper your current authors provide support at The way to implement something.
c. Instruct
The author inside this essay for you to allow a good command, request, suggestion, answers to meet your wishes of any reader writer.
d. Remember
Essay writer noted events, circumstances, description of a purpose of considering your matters which are considered important.
e. Correspond
In the essay, ones authors do correspondence throughout others.
2. performs role
f. Setup function
At your time frame regarding writing going at structuring of an ideas, thoughts, opinions, imagination, and the arrangement for the WORK WITH associated with language to help realize the writing, ones thoughts, ideas along with other laain written realized.
g. operate preservation
The things when i write my partner and i usually save It to help read back Any time your current others either by the author himself as well as others.
h. Creation function
Composing means bringing in something new among your ideas, thoughts, opinions, or imagination The item perhaps are not there sooner or perhaps not these types of arrangement.
i. performs delivery
Ideas, thoughts, imagination \’m already arranged along with preserved throughout a good application form readable writing or perhaps communicated to others.

different introduction STIE Prakarti Mulya

As quoted via kompasiana, via account Nisrina Saed, he argues, another benefit whether or not when i are generally accustomed to writing is,

Prevent Senility STIE Prakarti Mulya

Writing closely related to brain work. As ones body requires exercise, along with liver need connected with worship, ones brain additionally Requirements exercise. as well as sports continue in order to train the brain to think positive.

How for you to make the brain to help think positive, yes familiarize them in writing, revealing what feel unthinkable within writing, inside these kinds of habits the brain keeps to work, especially whether writing a scientific paper, your current brain is usually visiting again within collecting the numerous reference to help become writing.

If That retains for you to do so. after that ones brain may not senile later, do not be forgetful within old moment, because It is as being a sword, sharpened as well as considered extra AND further frequently, he is actually obtaining greater in addition to sharper, along with MY brain.

History Traces regarding instruments Recorder

Writing will be single of quite a few instruments visiting your footsteps associated with history, AND the actual wasilah many widespread in addition to accessible, i know your own life of any prophets, scholars of the Salaf, your anyone are usually great, your current origin of your country, plus the other is while in writing.

If my partner and i want to be able to Log something, This can be sufficient for you to pour throughout writing. that is a classic way of which never possibly be replaced via anything else, write as well as writing will certainly become there and also will remain there.

Writing can be Media Learning

Writing is often a learning media, coming from writing, inside truth my partner and i may encourage as well as call for us in order to absorb, dig as well as collect Just as much information.

When searching for in addition to collecting this information, when i usually are actually immersed with the world to learn, hone and also sharpen your brain feel additionally thought, moreover, learning highly recommended and also courteous with thinking.

Content and Rambutan Fruit for Health Benefits

1. Prevent canker disease

The first benefit rambutan fruit can prevent thrush. Rambutan is a fruit rich in vitamin C. With vitamin C, we would avoid the disease sprue. When we consume 10 to 12 grains of rambutan, then we have to consume 75 to 90 mg of ascorbic acid.

2. Maintain a healthy digestive system

A person who consumes rambutan, most likely will avoid constipation. Because the rambutan fruit contained a number of fiber that serves to maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition, rambutan also able to eradicate parasites in the intestines. Rambutan are also able to relieve symptoms of diarrhea.

3. Lowering Blood Pressure in Patients with hypertension

Benefits rambutan can further lower blood pressure. Based on the results of the study revealed that eating rambutan 9 or 10 points to effectively lower blood pressure.

4. Support the diet program

Although rambutan fruit contains sucrose and fructose, but the calorie content is very slight. In addition, potassium, calcium and magnesium are excellent in supporting the diet program. So, this rambutan fruit can be consumed for those who are on a diet program.

5. Troubleshooting anemia

Benefits next rambutan fruit can overcome the problem of anemia. Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia. Well, rambutan fruit can overcome the problem of anemia because of rambutan is a source of iron is high enough. Iron is also able to increase the amount of oxygen in the body.

6. Assist the absorption of iron

The content of vitamin C contained in fruit rambutan serves to maintain the cells – the body’s cells from free radical damage. This substance can also assist in the absorption of iron in the body.

7. Characteristically anti-cancer

Benefits rambutan can further prevent the growth of cancer cells. Based on the research that has been conducted by experts in Thailand revealed that the skins, seeds and fruit rambutan contains antioxidants called flavonoids. These flavonoids are believed to be able to lower cholesterol levels, prevent inflammation (anti-inflammatory) and can prevent the growth of cancer cells (anticancer).

Pineapple Fruit Benefits For Health

icp capsule In addition to delicious, the fruit is also very healthy. Here are the health benefits of pineapple for which many people do not know.

Overcoming flu and strep throat.
Mengandiung pineapple fruit high in vitamin C that can fight the virus that causes the flu or a fever and launched barriers that exist in the throat.

Improving the health of the heart organ
Pineapple enriched to have a fairly high content of antioxidants that are believed to counteract free radicals that harm all organs including the heart.

Overcoming bloating in the abdomen
Treat gout
Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain potassium funds to cope with gout. To overcome gout, you should not consume teralu ripe fruit because it will increase the levels of uric acid.

Mengutakan bone
This fruit is rich in minerals and manganese that is needed by bone. Consuming pineapple fruit on a daily basis will help strengthen your bones.

Nourish the eye organ
Vitamin A is found in pineapple fruit can help clear your vision.

Maintaining healthy teeth
Vitamin C tergandung the pineapple fruit can prevent dental plaque makes the gums sore.

Pineapple Fruit Benefits For Health

benefit-fruit-pineapple-for-health icp capsule

Judging from the content of vitamin C, vitamin C and minerals are high on pineapple, pineapple certainly bring benefits to our health very much. Both types of vitamins that are needed by our bodies, one of which is to act as free radical scavengers. Not to mention the content of the active substances such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and many more.

The active substance is needed by our body, from maintaining endurance, meet sugar levels, blood pressure, bone health, and so on. This is certainly the fruit is rich in benefits for our body. Then, what benefits we can feel with eating pineapple? Let’s look at the information below:

– Pineapple fruit can prevent cancer. This is because, in the pineapple fruit are vitamin A and vitamin C, which has the function as an antioxidant. Then the cancer cells that normally arise from free radicals can be resisted.

– Pineapple helps the digestive process in the intestines or stomach. It was obtained from the enzyme bromelain in pineapple.

– For those of you who have low blood sugar levels, eating pineapple can help stabilize blood sugar levels. But for those who have diabetes, you should consult with your doctor whether it is safe or not eating pineapple.

– The benefits of pineapple fruit for diet, vitamin C and high in protein help you lose weight. You can consume the pineapple into juice or eaten fresh.

Here are some benefits of Daun Pandan Wangi for health and how to use it

Natural medicine appetite enhancer
To make appetite enhancer herbal medicine, provide two pieces of pandanus leaves and then boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup, add honey or sugar as a sweetener. In order to benefit optimally absorbed pandan leaves, drink the potion regularly 2 times a day.

Lowering high blood pressure
Efficacy of fragrant pandan leaves to reduce high blood can be achieved by creating a natural herb 2 pandan leaves of plants that use 2 cups boiling water. Drink every morning and evening so that your blood return to normal.

Herbal medicine rheumatism and stiff
3 Provide fragrant pandan leaves and thinly sliced, pour 1/2 cup coconut oil that has been heated. Then stir until leaves wilt and wait until cold. Combine this medicine with eucalyptus oil to taste and rub on the affected body part rheumatic or stiff.

Calming anxiety and confusion drugs
Benefits for health fragrant pandan leaves can also be used to make traditional ingredients sedative mind. When you feel anxious, Prepare three leaves are then rinse thoroughly. Brewed with a glass of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of honey is sweet, drink a potion while warm.