Apple Watch ‘More’ Independent Thanks To Watchos 2

Apple Watch ‘More’ Independent Thanks To Watchos 2

Always nice dad connected to iPhone, but a bit ‘more independent from today Apple Watch can also host native applications, no “lean” in all respects on the phone. And ‘possible thanks to the evolution of the operating system that governs the smartwatch the Apple OS Watch 2.
It is a key change because it allows developers to build apps faster and more responsive, bringing the experience of using the device to a higher level. The number of native apps is obviously still growing and there is a page Reddit to follow to get an idea.

But the only way for the developer to fully utilize the hardware Apple Watch, and then as the heart rate monitor, the Force Touch tactile and motor (Taptic Engine) opens the way for countless uses and higher performance.

Apple Watch can then be more personalized, starting from the dial. As a background image you can use a picture but also a photo album, which change every time you lift your wrist. It will also provide time-lapse views of iconic locations from Paris to New York, with images ranging lighting based on time of day.

So, in summary, a flick of the wrist and Apple Watch comes alive. We can check the time, the goals daily, the battery remaining. But also respond to the mail: the same mode used for iMessage, but Siri now understands commands in context, such as “Directions to get to People’s Square by public transport” and “Open a running session of X kilometers”.

Closing with the aesthetic side of life: new dials, watch faces can play pictures (even ones before and after shooting, with iPhone 6s), photo albums and photos in timelapse of several major cities in the world, taken over a period of 24 hours.

Last but not least, the mystery of iPad Pro: Apple could in fact introduce the new tablet: in addition to the new iPad Mini, the items most ‘persistent concern an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, designed for the professional world, with technical characteristics very high and a price commensurate with performance. Costs are rising but they speak a thousand dollars for the most powerful version. It should also have a stylus combined.

Chapter Battery: iPhone 6S will have smaller batteries, with a drive from 1.715mAh, which would be offset by a new more powerful processor: the A9 processor made by Samsung. The RAM should be increased from 1GB to 2GB, and this might be the most important innovation. Last grains, color. It seems that in addition to the usual, will dawn on the shelves even the “pink gold”.

Any other business

In addition to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, for the event of 9 September debut of the rumored iPad Pro 12.9-inch mini iPad 4 and the new set-top box Apple TV fourth generation.

The Linear Polarizing Filter And Circular Polarizing Filters

The Linear Polarizing Filter And Circular Polarizing Filters

There are two types of polarizers linear and circular polarizers polarizers.

A linear polarizer is a filter which allows the passage of only one polarized light according to a given plane. Rotating the linear polarizer by 90 °, the sensor would reach only the horizontally polarized light while, by turning the sensor of 0 ° would be affected only by the vertically polarized light (and so on, depending on the angle used). Thanks to the linear polarizer are able to block the light reflected by the objects that surround our subject, thus making it a transparent pond (the reflected light from the water would be blocked) or a dark blue sky (the reflected light would be blocked from the atmosphere except for the one that comes directly from the sun, resulting in a reduction of the light ).

A circular polarizer blocks or allows the passage of circularly polarized light but at the same time is sensitive to linearly polarized light The circular polarizer comprises a linear polarizer under which is added (pasted) a further element, a quarter-wave filter, positioned so that the circularly polarize the light complex.

The reason why a circular polarizer has been realized in the present is to be found in our SLR technology. In contrast to analog those that contained a totally reflecting mirror, the modern cameras are equipped with partially reflecting mirrors in order to allow the autofocus operation.

Put simply, the light reflected from the mirror comes in the pentaprism (and therefore in the eyepiece and nell’esposimetro) while the transmitted light (the one that goes through the mirror) arrives at the autofocus system.

If we use a linear polarizer with a partially reflecting mirror, we would have that the meter would measure light intensity directly related to the angle of polarization. At the time of the mirror shutter, however, the sensor would be hit by a light the intensity of which is different from the one read from the exposure, hence creating a problem is exposure of the final photo.

On the contrary, using a circular polarizer, the light reflected towards the light meter is not attached at the corner of polarization. Which avoids the exposure error which, as said, we would have with a linear filter.

This means, therefore, that on your digital SLR cameras NOT need to mount a linear polarizer, but a linear polarizer. As for the form, you can purchase either a sheet polarizer that a polarizer, as in the beginning of this article, round.

Their only difference is structural and is linked to the objective that we are using.

10 Small Inputs Style Full For House

10 Small Inputs Style Full For House

Even a small house entrance can be incredibly chic and elegant. So it is a sin to think of not having enough space to try out creative and effective solutions. Even if you do not have a separate entrance environment, it is possible to create an attractive and inviting space that introduces to the rest of the house so pleasant, which leave behind the day, welcome friends, enter its lair in total relaxation. So let’s see together, these 10 examples of small style rich input offered by our experienced interior decorators. Follow us.

As the hotel entrance

If you like the luxurious style of the hotel, this is the entrance for you. Wall lights, a console mounted directly on the wall, a stool. The floor space is poorly used, the effect due to the rich palette of pastel colors.

A shoe rack style rich

Even a shoe can become a decorative element, capable of making interesting the entrance and at the same time to decorate it. A simple solution that effectively meets the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Pastel Colours

A small dresser, organized in a geometry with very light pastel colors drawers and doors, associated with a composition of paintings, for a funny entry.

The impact of color

In this small hall, the bright color of the pink padded bench, introduces a note of contrast in the configuration in which black and white dominate. An instant and easy way to brighten up the entrance.

A rustic touch

This very narrow entrance is furnished with a long wooden bench and a wall mirror that hides a door and a shoe rack on the wall. Wood brings a rustic feel in a totally modern design project.

A small delicate elegance entrance

Just the touch of a hanger to create a stylish corner and full of warmth.

In this small entrance to strike is the combination different sizes. The white vase is very large, in elegant contrast with the lightness of the metal structures of the wall system, where there are shelves and hangers. Including red, white and black.

Mirrors are valuable allies in small spaces. As in this case, encased in a light black frame, surrounded by paintings that multiply thanks to the reflections.

Style Details

Beyond the tones used in this project become very important details. We are talking about paintings, decorative elements, photographs, vases, rugs and pillows. Little touches that made the difference, for a result that transmits love and warmth … just as it should make a house!

How to Evacuate in buildings based on the type of the emergency part1

I think the evacuation in buildings is important. The reason is simple: to save lives safely. To be able to evacuate safely, the necessary emergency response exercises buildings (often called evacuation drills). Exercise is always conditioned approaching an actual emergency.

To promote calmness while performing the evacuation process at the time of the actual incident, such as earthquakes, or fires. In addition, we are becoming more concerned and aware of the importance of workplace conditions, and about the workplace and safe working behavior, which allows us to work safely (safely) and comfortable.

Here I share evacuations in buildings based on the type of the emergency, and little tips evacuation is no less important. Earthquake kit this method is used when the practical evacuation drills, and includes best practices, especially those working in the oil and gas industry and has offices in high rise building. The source of the evacuation procedure storey building that has been developed and a safety briefing.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips Menyelamatkan Diri Saat Terjadi Gempa di Gedung Tinggi
AN EMERGENCY: FIRE. Characterized by an alarm sound, and the announcement of the building on fire emergencies. Were conducted:

1. STAY CALM. The more we are quiet, the more we can think and respond. Following the emergency response exercises at each workplace or in public facilities (or even at home), can make us more calm and know what to do.

2. IF TRAINED QUENCH API. When you see a fire, immediately notify the nearest people around you. And if you are trained to use a fire extinguisher (APAR), then go for the nearest fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire. Ask other people closest to you to contact the security officer or emergency response personnel when you put out the fire.

If not trained, immediately notify the nearest people around you and keep away from sources of ignition. The nearest person (trained), security officer or emergency response personnel will extinguish the fire.

3. Assemble at LIFT FLOOR LOBBY AREA, and stay calm.

4. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Although assembled in the lift lobby area, you are NOT using the elevator. Risk behaviors when they use the elevator when a fire, an earthquake, or when the building has not been declared safe to use the elevator! In the building that follows the safety standards of buildings, elevator people are not operated at the time of an emergency. -because freight elevator designation for goods has a stronger technical design.

When a state of emergency, only used to evacuate those who experience health problems, accompanied by officers evacuate the building and the floor. The use of the freight elevator is under the full control of the emergency response team building.

5. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONNEL. Well, you’re lucky if during an emergency, there is a floor emergency response personnel who guide you. Generally, they vest in red, green, or colored band-aid on her arm. It is easy to be recognized and asked for help. Officers will not allow us to leave the ranks in the elevator lobby until the instruction was given. At that time, his commanding officer and await instructions from building -were evacuated or remain in place.

6. EMERGENCY EVACUATION THROUGH STAIRS. Pattern big room row following the emergency stairs, there is a line up 2-2, there were quite a line. Just follow the instructions of emergency response commander (floor warden). Workers / female guests in the front row, followed by male workers. In the front row, there are firemen fire (fire warden / fire suppressor) and health workers (first aider). In the back row, there is also the officers, plus the commander officer. During the march, REMAIN CALM.

7. Orderly WALK, DO NOT RUN. When down the emergency stairs, walk down the emergency stairs in an orderly, quick, but do not run. The behavior you are in a hurry, shouting, and following the person in front of you, it can make people panic. That can happen is to create a mass crowd moving very fast, competing down the emergency stairs, pushing each other, and there are fallen, limp, and trampled. Recorded casualties are mostly from victims of the emergency stairs trampled and limp. Therefore, KEEP IN SEQUENCE AND FOLLOW EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONNEL.

8. RUNNING TOWARDS Muster POINT (gathering place). Just follow the people walking in front of you. and emergency response personnel. Stay in line.

9. DECLARE YOURSELF AT THE TIME COUNTING PEOPLE (HEAD COUNT). Officers will roll the names of those who fell with him. The point is to make sure there are no people left in the building.


10.TETAP IN POINT. At the muster point, emergency response personnel awaiting instructions from the clerk whether the building has a safe building or is still dangerous to enter. If declared safe, the officer will invite you to go back into the building.


Translation and Interpretation services – facets of the equal Coin

Translation and Interpretation services -  facets of the equal CoinTranslation and Interpretation services –  facets of the equal Coin – If you have ever spoken to someone over a bad telephone line or a mobile phone connection ridden by static and supernatural enunciates, you will know how infuriating it can be. Communication needs to be clear and comprehensible .

Imagine our world today, when air travel has abbreviated physical intervals, and the internet has disproved air travel absolutely. Business, tourism, culture, education, entertainment, and diplomacy “re no longer” is restricting physical bounds. But they cannot thrive if expression is a roadblock. Not everyone can be a linguist. This is where translation and interpretation services come in .

The work of interpreters and translators are somewhat similar, but they work in different arenas .

Translation business
Basically, translators read written text .

Translators must be proficient in the language of origin of the text( different sources expression) and different cultures of the two countries where different sources originated. They must then yield an accurate rendition into the target expression .

Linguistic and cultural knowledge is indispensable. The ability to write hole in the specific objectives expression is no less so. The rendition should flow smoothly and give the look of having been written in the specific objectives expression initially .

Translations of fabric that is scientific, medical, law, etc. ask subject matter knowledge. In such fields, a translator will have to be a good researcher very .

Literary translations requirement a different goal: the being, as well as the body of the issues, needs to be translated or the creation will have no flavour .

Interpreter business
Interpreting is an oral sort of rendition where the translator listens, grasps the contents, and then re-words the matter into the target expression. An translator shall be provided to restate in both directions instantly; the comfort of glossaries or remark materials is unavailable to him/ her .

Interpreter business have to be professional, and they understand that proved effective, it is necessary to convey the sense and the words in different contexts in which they were used .

Interpreting can occur in a variety of gives from powwows, converges, diplomatic jaunts and interactions, and even over the phone .

Interpreting can be of two types:
Consecutive interpreting entails the translator listens to portions of the discussion and then makes that segment in the specific objectives expression while the speaker remains silent for that span .

Simultaneous reading necessary gear to aid interpreting as the speaker extradites the discussion .

Since interpreting business do not have the comfort of rewinding and invoking, interpreters must be thorough in the subject matter and closely very well known both cultures. Their vocabulary in both languages should be substantial, and they must be able to express themselves lucidly. Consecutive interpreting needs the translator to have excellent greenback making procedure very .

Fashion Trends Winter 2015 The Bags In Fur And Faux Fur

Fashion Trends Winter 2015 The Bags In Fur And Faux Fur

Fashion trends winter 2015, the charm of the bags in fur and faux fur. Soft-top boxes like the plush colored clutch to wear in the evening, here are some of the most beautiful models in fur winter 2015.

Fur is one of the most ladylike trend of winter 2015, a detail that makes each put mysterious and refined, even when it appears on little accessories that go almost unnoticed. Inevitable this year in the wardrobe the bag of fur that for years now the designers also joined by a fascinating alternative made of faux fur. So we discover together some of the most representative and typical seasonal patterns, which enclose the 360 ??° fur trend.

Were this year many brands that have decided to make catwalk garments and accessories soft, fluffy and colorful, and by looking at the bags, ranging from uni models combined with those bicolor in pastel shades.

Fendi for example rethought Fur its amazing Peekaboo Mini, a smaller version of celebrates it-bag of the house, as well as Ermanno Scervino that has literally enchanted us with her handbag as soft plush.

Not to be outdone even the vertical tote elongated Givenchy and Marc Jacobs fur that covers her from the bose retro shapes, noon and go unnoticed even the trunks of Baldinini and clutch by Jimmy Choo and Sara Battaglia. The trend you like Please take a look at our gallery, you will certainly find some real must haves that will also become indispensable for you.

Fashion, how to match the white in winter, for a modern and chic look! Wear white is typical summer, but this color you can also wear in winter, both in total white version, is matched with other colors, for a very feminine and sensual look!

White has invaded the catwalks autumn  winter 2014-2015 and the fashion trend continues to be the most gettonato the cold season the white color as snow makes us understand how this is really in tune with the cold temperatures and stiff of ‘ winter. Not surprisingly, there are so many designers and famous brands that have proposed for this winter season, matching the many shades of white garments and accessories of other colors.

Browse the entire photo gallery to find out how to match the white in the winter and be inspired by the look of the catwalk!

PowaTag The App That Allows You To Make Purchases Via Smartphones

PowaTag The App That Allows You To Make Purchases Via Smartphones

PowaTag arrives the app that allows you to make purchases via smartphones. A new application designed to radically change our way of shopping. To use it, simply pull out the phone from her bag, open the app, photograph a code found on products, flyers, newspapers, radio, TV and any form of printed material and you’re done; within two days, the elected leader will end up in our closet. No line at the cash or cash payment. PowaTag works by exploiting some specific tag associated with the product, that once scanned redirect directly to the purchase of the piece. In other words I see a beautiful dress in the newspaper, I photograph a specific code, within seconds the purchase, two days later at my house.

The app can only be used after recording their data, including the number of the credit card and shipping address for the product. At the time the application manufacturer company employs 500 people, of which fifteen working in the Milan office We can become Google’s biggest, says the founder of PowaTag, Dan Wagner. You’ll soon see these tags anywhere our purchasing process is fluid and very short.

850 are the brands that have agreed to cooperate with PowaTag, but only two are already active. Wagner is still quiet The first results will be seen between late October and early November. A to debut the system in Italy is the brand Reasons, which since October 2 has turned his Milan boutique into a smart store where you can purchase them with this technology, which aims to make shopping less tiring.

What should a stylist today
I’m not a fashion designer so I do not like giving advice. I can only evaluate what I see for decades creative that close in their studios and in their delusions. The most modern of them all Zara and H & M. Perhaps Prada. All attentive to the changing world, its contradictions, its reality.

What do you think of Hedi Slimane, now head of Saint Laurent
Hedi I always liked. He’s very talented and headstrong. I think sometimes he’s right, some not. But this is not important. I’m happy when I see his collections, like the direction that leads the ship. It’s a great observer of this. And you know why Because he fled from Europe and lives in Los Angeles. His gaze is devoid of nostalgia and prejudices

6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

6 Great Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Courtyard

Our patio can become the center of our home, the place where we spend our free time, especially in favorable seasons. But its quality depends on us the care and dedication that profondiamo in the care of this very special place in our house.

To have a nice patio there is no need for large economic investments, just to have good aesthetic parameters and meet a series of guidelines to follow to get the maximum from these places. Unfortunately, some people think that they are necessary considerable installation and maintenance expenses for which, although they have a patio or garden, prefer to leave it unused.

It is precisely for this reason that we propose, below, a number of tips through which to improve your outdoor space.

What is important is that at the end of this reading along with your family and your friends, you enjoy the most of the pleasures that these spaces can offer. Ready Read on!

Between the bedroom and terrace

The new designs of the spaces allow to annex to the bedroom a small terrace adjacent, also inside the room itself. With the right proportion and placement of fixed and sliding door panels it will be almost imperceptible division between environments, ensuring plenty of light but also a meaning to the eclectic room.

A wardrobe with three sliding doors

For a cabinet designed with sliding doors, ideal to be opened and closed in all practicality, it is normal to have three movable facades, depending on the portions of space that you want to read. This will make it easier and more functional view precisely the sector concerned and also keep more visual order within the room.

A sliding metal door

In this image is clearly visible division between the dining room and kitchen, through a metal sliding door. When open, the two spaces will be visually integrated; when closed two actually seem detached units and also acoustically separated.

A sliding door colorful

Here is a very colorful wardrobe with fixed wings and neutral sliding doors. Four facades are in fact didpinte only the two side, so as to alternate a sober mood to a more playful. The white on the central portions, means that mobile looks vibrant and colorful thanks to the elements stored themselves, by additions to the products.

An all-glass sliding door

An all-glass sliding door is ideal for dividing the space between the kitchen and a small inner install green very special and unique. The lights from spotlights then allow the glass to reflect the light and create a striking spread by implementing the so-called effect Wow!

Espadrilles, The Models Must For Spring Summer 2015

Espadrilles, The Models Must For Spring Summer 2015

Espadrilles, the most glamorous models do not miss the spring summer 2015. The classic canvas shoes from casual designs are becoming more hybrid and special, to be worn with almost everything.

Who loves and who hates them You like it or not, this summer we will continue to wear espadrilles on vacation, during leisure time and many, unfortunately, even in those circumstances where they would be banned. Shoes  slippers in cloth from raw seams this year will be a must, the fault of those designers who in recent years have ennobled by turning them into cult models that rhyme with holiday.

This year the most popular model is the classic, but the forms are hybrid, ranging from classic espadrilles to shoes that seem to resemble more and more to a pair of sandals. Stella McCartney, for example, espadrilles have a more modern glam flavor and there offers a version that almost dare define peep-toe, but for someone remain casual footwear, as Tabitha Simmons that there proposes a very hybrid model that resembles vaguely like a sneaker.

Soles thinning and then doubled the proportions visibly, obviously summer prints that are inspired by the flora and fauna, not to mention the charm of the exotic leathers, as did Jimmy Choo, while Valentino conquers us with the beauty of the lace; same thing for Tory Burch. Very nice proposals Happiness that delights us with models that take charge of youth messages and slogans, made obvious by the pastel colors chosen for this collection which soon could almost be described irreverent.

What about this year espadrilles could conquer even those who, a bit ‘on principle, has never worn. Why Probably because match with practically everything, except the fine clothes, and settle well in your suitcase. Do not believe us Then you should definitely take a look at our gallery!

A rich and hybrid line with models that compartment from the classic roomy shopper profiles and over, to the clutch and shoulder bags to be worn during leisure time.

In the line day we find the classic trunks Desigual with basic denim and prints ipercolorata that breaks the monotony of jeans. But it is no less captivating minibag the Desigual Spring Summer 2015 the brand delights us with many models with single handle and lock, or as an alternative model with long shoulder strap, for those who prefer not to be with scrapes in his hands.

20 Examples of Wooden Furniture That You Want At All Costs!

20 Examples of Wooden Furniture That You Want At All Costs!

When it comes to renovating the home image, taking care of the details can really make the difference. Furnishing is without a doubt a powerful tool to give a new look to any environment, and in this category, wooden furniture is a universe to be explored necessarily; You can find many solutions tailored to your needs and pockets, but if you want to give a touch of personality to the interior of your home, there is nothing better than wagering on an original design.

If you are thinking of changing the aesthetics of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, terrace or dining room, this idea book is for you! Are you ready to seduce you from the charm of raw material par excellence Take note!

Shelves in the kitchen

The islands in the kitchen are very functional elements, but you can always add elements, such as shelves, to increase the convenience of the furniture. Plates and utensils can be exposed, releasing so much space inside the cabinets.

Sliding doors

The doors are the ideal terrain for proposals based on exalting the charm of wood. In addition, they are a good way to save space at home while combining a design with unquestioned beauty. So bet on the sliding wooden doors!

Wooden furniture for the kitchen

How about a complete change in kitchen design Like any other room, the kitchen is great for introducing wooden pieces into functional furniture, which, on the other hand, can offer a contemporary and welcoming design.

Double doors

Wood is a material that blends perfectly with all styles and, if space permits, it is not a bad idea to put double doors between the rooms as a dividing element. In addition to the aesthetic charge, it will give your interior a touch of elegance and distinction.

Even in the bathroom

Another place in the house that lends itself to wooden furniture is certainly the bathroom. This material offers unforeseeable heat and nuances to enhance any material, such as marble or stone.

Separate environments

The way in which you share the house’s rooms tell you long about your own personality. In addition, use elegant wooden furniture such as this shelf will help you create a distinct and sophisticated decor, as well as decisively functional, in line with the concept of open space.

Important details

Sometimes just a little detail to convert a boring space into a room full of personality. A wooden coffee table like this will fill your living room, becoming the focus of attention.

Also to welcome guests

The same idea can be used by introducing a dining table made of a high quality wood according to an elegant design, as seen in this photo.