Food Allergies

Shortly after eating shrimp, there are some people who immediately feel the skin’s itching extraordinary. After that there arose hot bumps are quite torturous. This is an example of an allergic process. These allergies belong to a type of food allergy that looks like a skin allergy.

What exactly is a food allergy? Let’s discuss it together. Food allergy is a condition when the body’s immune system rejects the incoming of the body from food. Most, the triggers (allergens) in the form of eggs, shrimp, nuts, milk, or certain specific foods. The mechanism of food allergies that originated from the existence of substances that are considered foreign by the body’s immune system that enters through food. This substance can be bacteria, viruses, or poison.

In some cases, a substance that is considered harmful to the immune system is a substance that is not even harmful, ie certain proteins present in certain foods. Once considered alien, allergen substances are then rejected in the form of allergic response with the production of antibodies immunoglobulin E (IgE). Forms of allergic response to these alien and dangerous substances, for example, are abdominal pain; diarrhea; Hard to swallow; Itching in the mouth, throat, skin, and certain areas; dizzy; cold; Bumps; Red-red skin; Swelling of certain areas (eye, lips, face); Shortness of breath; stomach cramps; And vomiting.

The foods that usually cause allergies include eggs, milk, nuts, seafood (shrimp, crab, and lobster), soybeans, fish, flour, food preservatives, additives, and others. Treatment and treatment of food allergies include the prevention of allergens; Giving allergy shots and probiotics; Administration of antihistamines; Giving skin cream; Administration of epinephrine injections, and others. All done of course on the basis of consultation with the doctor. Even all sorts of allergy shots are only done by doctors. Since food allergies can usually be serious (can lead to death) then this should be avoided.

Make sure you are careful when going to eat. Stay away from any foods that might make you allergic. Always read the ingredients of certain foods in the package. Here, caution is the key to avoiding things that might be fatal.

Getting To Know Lasik Eye Surgery

In the past, people with blurred or obscure vision from small to large minus categories had to use glasses as a visual aid. When the category of minus the eyes are getting bigger then the glass lens is getting thicker. This is sometimes very disturbing and difficult for users. But now the suffering can be lost with an operating procedure called Lasik surgery.

Lasik is a Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, a procedure for improving blurred or damaged vision using laser light. Let’s recognize Lasik surgery for the eyes. Lasik is an operation that permanently alters the shape of the cornea to improve the quality of vision and reduce the reliance of people on the use of glasses or contact lenses.

For clear vision, the cornea of ​​the eye and the lens should be able to bend well the rays so that the image will be clearly visible on the retina. If it can not be like that then the vision will blur. This blurred vision is called bias disturbance. This disorder is caused by the difference between the shape of the cornea and the length of the eye.

Lasik uses ultraviolet laser light to remove the corneal tissue and member new shapes so that light can focus clearly on the retina. Lasik surgery causes the corneas to become thinner. Lasik is an easy operation procedure and does not require hospitalization for the patient. This procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Anesthesia or anesthesia is used only a kind of eye drops that make the surface of the eye becomes numb.

Know the Lasik surgery for the eyes is to know that this procedure is done with the patient in a conscious state. It’s just that the patient will be given medicine to make it comfortable and not tense or nervous. Lasik can be done for one eye or both at once in one session of surgical procedure.

When the procedure takes place, a special automatic blade or called a microkeratome is used to cut off the disruptive eye tissue in the outer layer of the eyeball. Now this procedure has been widely known to people and uses different types of lasers to form the corneal eyelids. This petal is placed on the outside and the laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue that is inside.

After reshaping is complete, the petals are then secured and do not require stitching because the cornea will naturally hold the petals in place. The bandage will be placed outside the petals to protect the eyes from rubbing the hands or pressure until the ondisinya really healthy again. Those are some things worth knowing about Lasik surgery for the eyes.

Skin Damage Due To Wrong Cosmetics

Cosmetics usually to enhance and perfect our appearance. Currently so many types of cosmetics that we can find ranging from cosmetics body care, makeup, even cosmetics that can change skin color. But what happens if the cosmetics that we use it even cause problems on our skin. Apparently damaged facial skin can be caused by cosmetic errors.

Cosmetic errors usually occur due to several things, one of which is cosmetics that do not fit the skin type. Certain skin types have sensitivity. For example, oily skin. Oily face skin is very sensitive to moisturizer. An inappropriate moisturizer can cause blackheads on the face and blackheads can trigger acne. In addition, the skin can also look dull when the foundation you choose does not match your skin. Before you decide to buy and use one of the cosmetic products you should first identify your skin type so that the cosmetics you use will not adversely affect your skin. Costly and well-known cosmetics are not necessarily suitable for you, if your skin condition does not match the cosmetics should you replace with cosmetics that match your skin.

Damage of facial skin due to cosmetic errors can also occur when used cosmetics have expired. Each type of cosmetics has a validity period, for example lipsticks have a validity period of one year. When expired cosmetics are still used will cause irritation of the skin, such as itching, red spots, or acne. Not a few people who had wanted to look beautiful premises cosmetics even cost far greater for the treatment of facial skin due to wrong use of cosmetics.

The most serious impact of false cosmetic use on facial skin is usually obtained from harmful ingredients in cosmetics. Metals, mercury, and hydroquinone are chemicals that are still commonly found in cosmetics. However, these materials are harmful to the body and skin. The use of metals in cosmetics not only damage the face, but also can cause a person experiencing depression, memory loss, headaches, vertigo, and on the cosmetics for hair will cause hair loss.

Mercury in cosmetic products can lead to skin cancer, as well as hydroquinone. The hydroquinone content allowed on cosmetic products is 10%. When more than that can cause skin disorders such as acne, hyperpegmentation, even skin cancer.

To prevent skin damage due to cosmetic errors, you should be careful in looking at your cosmetic content and also the right cosmetics for your skin type. Also, pay attention to storage and storage time of cosmetics. Do not use your expired cosmetics no matter how expensive.

Keeping the Skin Younger

Fighting with wrinkles (signs of aging) is not easy, especially when it entered the phase. The appeal of soft skin, beautiful skin is the value of beauty in general. Everyone wants to have youthful skin, but as we get older, our skin loses moisture and the ability to regenerate and improve itself begins to decrease, resulting in a wrinkled shape. To restore the youthful appearance it is necessary to make lifestyle changes to youthful skin.

Skin aging is the most physiological phenomenon. “But only about 20 to 30 percent of the process is genetically determined,” says Doris Day, an assistant professor of clinical dermatology at New York University Medical Center. So there’s more that can be done to control it to stay young. But there is no need to use expensive syringes, surgery or procedures to make skin look younger.

The most popular procedure today can often make a patient with an unnatural look. Chemical exfoliation can make the skin look slippery, filler injections and muscle freezing poisons can make the face look frozen and unnatural.

Tips for Skin Look Younger

Avoid refined sugar and simple carbohydrates. The consumption of refined sugar triggers a process called glycation where the sugar molecule attaches to the protein. This results in a new malignant protein actually creating “AGE”. The result is a reduction in skin protein elasticity that ultimately forms wrinkles and creases.

Avoid sleeping on your side. Sleeping on the back can actually help avoid wrinkles. Sleeping positions often inadvertently add creases and wrinkles due to prolonged pressure on the facial skin. Sleeping on the back can also prevent “wrinkling wrinkles” in women.

Exfoliate. Exfoliation often helps improve cellular rotation. Skin exfoliation also has a positive effect on collagen production. Skin exfoliation triggers the skin to produce more collagen that can make skin ageless.

Eliminating White Spot On Face

In addition to panu, white spots on the face turned out many causes and kinds. Family history should also be explored to confirm this white spot, because sometimes it is a hereditary factor. Before we try to remove the white spots on the face, first must be known what the cause. Be careful with the origin of drugs try rubbing, because if one can make skin blister.

White spots on the face can be caused by the lack of facial to the sun is too extreme, and the treatment was actually easy, which must bask under the sun, but do not let sweat arise, so it must be wiped continuously. Or can also use lights that contain ultraviolet light, but this is even costly.

Could be, because the effect of certain cosmetic use of white spots on the face can appear. This is common in women who often replace cosmetic brands, or do not match the chemicals contained therein. Avoiding the white spots on the face due to cosmetics is easiest is to immediately discontinue use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Systemic diseases that can cause white patches, namely vitiligo, such as thyroid disease, kidney kidney glands and diabetes, it affects the skin, and this can lead to white patches on the face. This disease is very difficult handling, because must first treat systemic pain. Because it could be when applied ointment, should not be too long because it can blister, if taking medication, should be two hours before sunbathing. Though the drug can be damaged liver function, completely wrong. For that the liver function should always be on the monitor.

White patches due to the age element. The older a person, the pigment activity is much disturbed. But it is also influenced by one’s race or race. The Negroid race is rarely a white spot because of this age, but is very often suffered by the Kauka-soid race.

To remember in removing white spots on the face is to know the cause. If the tyrosine in the body is slight, then the enhanced ones are nutritious foods. If Pityriasis alba can be overcome with sunlight. But therapy for this type of patient should not be exposed to water or sweat. Acupuncture therapy is also considered to minimize this white patch. Recognize the kind of white patches on the face before doing the proper pengotan, consulting the doctor if necessary more handling.

Eliminating Warts

Are you just suffering from Wart’s skin disease or warts? It must be uncomfortable, very disturbing though not dangerous. See the diverse forms, from small bumps to large and can spread to parts of our body. This can generally be said to be a small, rough texture that can resemble a cauliflower or a solid blister. When it occurs in the soles of the feet or toes known as verruca. Is this warts dangerous? For that it’s good we know and remove warts, so that handling can be right.

These warts are caused by viruses, commonly called HPV (human papilloma virus), and attack the skin layer, and these skin infections can spread to other people or the person’s self when in direct contact with the infected skin. Indeed, within a few months this wart can disappear, but it can be years too. Using personal items in turns such as towels, clothes, razors and so on will give the chance of contracting these warts.

Know and remove warts by avoiding contagion, ie do not try to hold your own warts and others, do not wear together personal items. If you have to walk in damp or wet places tried to wear footwear, Keep ourselves against irritation on the soles of the feet, such as scratched or injured. When attempted to be treated immediately because it will facilitate the wart virus into the skin skin irritation.

Can warts be removed? Of course it can, especially with the natural ingredients that are around us. You can try vinegar, which is common for cooking spices. Vinegar is alleged to contain ingredients that can damage the growth tissue of the warts, so it is expected that the warts can be loose until the roots. Just by applying vinegar with cotton, for 3-4 weeks it can be warts will come off until the roots.

It turns out that soap and detergent soap can heal these warts .. Both materials were mixed with a ratio of 1: 1 ratio, when applied to the cotton bud is expected to wart dry and eventually dislodged itself. Leaves destroyed gods are also powerful when dibalurkan on warts. So also with jali seeds, by boiling with 6 cups, a day dimunum 2 times, each drink one glass. That’s some traditional medicine that can be used to treat warts to roots. Strive to routinely treat it. By knowing and removing warts we hope more easily in overcoming this skin disease.

Cigarettes and Skin Health

There are many reasons to stop smoking for men and women. The most obvious is the appearance and skin health. Quitting smoking for women will soon be considered the best beauty tips of all time.

Every cell in your body is affected by cigarettes. In fact, every cell in the body is exposed to the toxic burden of smoking. Therefore, smoking affects the health of the skin, to each cell.

Often smokers look older than their actual age, with dry skin wrinkles. There has once been a famous research with a pair of twin girls. At age 39, the smokers twins appear to be about 30 years old. While her non-smoking sister looked as if she was in her late twenties.

The study of the twins gives smokers a rare insight into how smoking has affected the health of their skin. An English anti-smoking advertisement even blatantly states that smoking makes you ugly. It’s a very bad blow, for women in particular. Women spend billions around the world on products that are able to retain or regain their youthful appearance.

Smoking hurts the skin, and it is difficult to hide the effects that arise from it. Smoking is the age of the skin and has more negative effects than anything other than sun damage.

Smoking also damages fibers that help keep skin elastic and strong – the elastin and collagen in the skin. That means the skin starts to sag and wrinkle before its time. In other words, a smoker’s skin loses light and looks healthy.

Another problem with skin caused by smoking is the depletion of vitamins A and C. Smoking limits absorption of vitamins into the body. Vitamin A is very important in repairing skin cells, and Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps the body absorb iron. As a result, many smokers end up suffering from anemia. The body tends to dehydrate from smoking, and the skin becomes dry, like flaking or chapped lips.

Because of the skin damage from smoking, and because of thinner skin conditions due to reduced oxygen supply, most plastic surgeons perform elective plastic surgery in smokers.

Smoking and skin cancer are also associated. Because of thinner skin, smokers exposed to skin cancer risk more than tripled than nonsmokers.

A skin problem common to smokers is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic, non-life-threatening or chronic skin condition. Smoking is very bad for the skin and makes it much more susceptible to psoriasis than non-smokers.

Recognize Tuberculosis Symptoms in Children

Tuberculosis or commonly abbreviated tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosae. These bacteria will infect the respiratory organs, especially the lungs. But tuberculosis also not only infects the organs and respiratory tract only. Skin and lining of the brain or myelin can also be infected by this bacteria. Tuberculosis attacks people regardless of sex or age. Starting from infants to elderly people vulnerable to this disease. The signs of TB in children are not difficult to recognize. For that let us identify the symptoms of tuberculosis in children.

The most common symptom that is certain to appear is fever. The incidence of fever is a sign of the incubation period of the tuberculosis-causing bacillus. The fever that arises in general is not so high that it is sometimes thought to be just an ordinary flu fever. Other symptoms that may arise is a decrease in the child’s appetite. Even in some cases the child will not eat at all. Children also experience weight loss drastically. Nutrition disorders occur in almost all cases of child tuberculosis. It is closely related to the low appetite of children.

As a parent, should be alert to recognize the symptoms of tuberculosis in this child because not a few parents who just think their children do not have an appetite and do not find out the cause. Another condition is the symptoms of a weak child’s body has no power or strength, seems always tired and not excited, slow in the activity and seemed to close themselves.

A typical symptom to recognize in child tuberculosis cases is the presence of chronic and recurrent stones. This long-lasting cough does not produce sputum and is a symptom of an asthma attack. Furthermore, recurrent diarrhea in children is also a sign that children are affected by tuberculosis.

But to be more sure whether the child is affected by tuberculosis or other diseases is to conduct laboratory tests. However, still have to recognize the symptoms of TB in children to be anticipated and the appropriate treatment of the disease suffered by the child. And most of all do not forget to do BCG immunization which is one effort to prevent tuberculosis bacterial infection.

Massage In Babies

Not only in adults, massage in babies also has many benefits. For those of us who currently have babies, especially those who still can not crawl, it would be nice if we routinely massage or massage itself if indeed know the science. What are the benefits of the massage?

The main function of massage is to relax the muscles are rigid and relaxation. So, the benefits of massage on the baby also to help the baby more calm and peaceful. Usually, a newly massaged baby will feel more relaxed. If the previous baby can not sleep, fussy, and weight less, then by doing massage, these problems can be overcome.

How to do a massage on a baby. There are two things to watch out for before doing a baby massage. First, the massage. And, secondly, at the time of doing the massage. Who do massage the baby should be patient and patient patient. Because, not infrequently the baby will fuss when the massage process is done. Babies also usually will cry loudly. When the massage is the baby’s mother, it would be better if the mother prepares mentally to be patient and not easily angered.

When doing massage, avoid to wear any kind of jewelry because these objects can hurt the baby. Choose also a massage oil that makes babies feel comfortable, which is not hot and spicy of course. And, when wanting to massage the baby, make sure that the baby is not in a sleepy condition let alone sleep. Make sure also that the baby’s mood was good.

Next is how the massage process in infants is certainly not the same as massage for adults. Baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, that’s why in the massage must be careful. The most easily accessible is the foot (the sole of the foot). So, we can start first by massaging the baby’s feet. Only then the rest of the body, such as hands, back, abdomen, and massage as a whole.

Massage in infants is basically just a small massage without pressing. To get the best results, massage should be done at the right time and also a sufficient portion.

Getting Your Own Pair of Earth Shoe Boots

Boots have always been favourite. You can find them back in biography. Nowadays, nonetheless, their notoriety has made a peculiar turning. They are now considered as “must have” footwear. Now, when it comes to buying a good pair, countless beings are more likely to tell you to get Earth Shoe boots. In truism, beings will recommend all kinds of shoes from this symbol. They volunteer many assortments of footwear, so you can always find a pair that you are able to match with your getup. They have various collectings of boots for women, so you will definitely is my finding that you can wear to wield. You will find a great pair that you can use when you go out on a time or a casual night with your best friend .

Consider Your Demands When Going Your Pair
Earth Shoe boots do not come cheap. Unless you are able to render various pairs, you may have to resort to looking for pairs that are being sold on sale. Not everyone can afford to buy various pairs all at once. You could also fall in-love with modes or layouts that are not offered for sale. When these things happen, you have to consider your needs. Ask yourself,” What am I go looking for ?” Do you need a fashionable pair that you can wear to wield? Do you need something that you can wear on casual epoches ?

Fortunately, you have countless options- that is, of course, if you are a woman. Male shoppers do not are the same indulgence. It’s an entirely different floor for female shoppers. If you are women, you would adore all the selections that the symbol gives. You can definitely find wonderful pairs that you can wear with your garbs and jeans. You can see professional and sophisticated with a carefully opted pair .

Benefits of Wearing Earth Shoe Boots
If you are going to get your own pair from this symbol, do not expect to find the usual high-pitched end characters. Remember that Earth footwear is” healthy footwear”, so you would hardly find something that is designed to do your hoofs lose. On the contrary, these shoes are designed to have your toes residence higher than your ends. Like all other commodities from this symbol, Earth shoes boots are designed with the negative end technology .

This is why there are many benefits to wearing them. Unlike other similar commodities from other brands, you conserve your posture and match with negative end footwear. sepatu converse indonesia You too conserve proper form adjustment, so you will not lose the usual objections. You can also find wide-leg layouts, so you won’t “re going to have to” mash your hoofs inside exactly to wear a fashionable pair. The better benefit is that you can incense calories when you walk with your boots on. Now, that got your attention, didn’t it? Yes! You can lose weight! “Its probably” the main reason why countless beings are getting their own pair. Now, isn’t it high time you think of get your own pair as well ?