Tips on buying the right Accounting Software

Software or accounting software is an application program that is used to simplify the job of recording of financial accounting. Because the function of this software is very important, then you should pay attention to how accounting software buying techniques. The company is usually required to publish financial statements up to date in time. Well, the use of accounting software is an important enough role in the process of preparation of the financial statements.

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The use of a known accounting software is indeed quicker and more efficient than doing time for preparing the financial statements manually. For a company, this financial report preparation may be completed within approximately one week. While utilizing the accounting software, an accountant or a worker performs the preparation of the financial statements could finish its report in less than a week, of course.

How to buy accounting software engineering quality?

Basically buy accounting software depending on the needs of companies or manufacturers that buy it. The financial statements of a company are indeed fundamentally not always rely on the performance of accountants and accounting software / “software akuntansi” run its course. An accountant is required to be able to do the job quickly, thorough and observant in drawing up a report by observing all aspects that exist in accounting. But this way is judged less effective and makin do not efisian, given the increasingly advanced times, then the higher the level of productivity is expected. And with the presence of this accounting software, an accountant could be faster in drawing up financial statements. Accounting software is generally used to keep a journal, financial balance sheets, income statements, payroll, billing, payment of taxes, and so forth.

Before you decide to buy accounting software, you should first find out the aspects that you need to consider to buy accounting software.

Know The Types Of Accounting Software

A great many types of accounting software sold and manufactured by different vendors. Make sure before you already know the types of accounting software itself as one accounting software buying techniques. Each accounting software have difficulty levels and functions are also diverse.

Choose companies that Have Credibility

The next step is to determine which companies or groups are already trusted in sales accounting software for the type of financial statement in your efforts. You need to consider is, try to look for companies that have already applied the latest technologies in software accounting they make. If there are any companies or manufacturers that still use the accounting software’s old, better find another company. The latest technology of course will help you speed up the process.

Compare Price

Accounting software free and some are paid. But if you want a quality software, should you use a paid accounting software. Accounting software buying techniques that next is by comparing the purchase price between the manufacturer of the software to other manufacturers. Of course every software that made their respective manufacturers have advantages and disadvantages of each. Look for who has more advantages and price to suit most budget available.

Actually there is one more thing that is not as important in purchase accounting software, i.e. by recognizing a structured program, meaning that when done, a search index, storage, and printing (especially print preview) accounting software will make sure your purchase is not too long in the process, because if it is too long means there is leverage in the program and future activity could result in the recording of financial report you become stunted in severe.

So, congratulations on selecting the right accounting software with your company. Hopefully his tips helpful and good luck.

The Function Of Accounting Software

Software or software accounting now diverse kind. Accounting software functions of the software are removed from any vendor whatsoever. Every software has the specs or features that have been designed in such a way as to facilitate various types of accounting record-keeping activities. In fact not only financial accounting course, because currently there’re many software also or accounting management software for costing, budgeting, and so on. Even for any tax section has now been no software in particular.

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Even now the presence of the accountant is quite threatened by the existence of the accounting software, because it’s usually on his scale companies that aren’t too big accounting software with more confidence than it does with the accountant. Usually they just hired people to do the work of “data entry” that understand about debits and credits. While the process of preparing their financial reports are already handled by the software automatically.

However, software accounting (software akuntansi) is also made by humans who definitely know about accounting. Therefore, there are some functions of an accountant who until now still not replaceable by an accounting software.

Things that Can’t be done with functions of Accounting Software


Software is a machine which is also run by humans. The validation process transactions carried out by an accountant to date has yet to be replaced by the presence of accounting software. For example, do an examination of the completeness of the notes, Bill Sage and the acceptance of the goods, and so on. A software of course can’t do those activities automatically.


After the data is entered into the system or to an accountant, accounting software need to check again whether all data inputted is correct. If wrong, the software will do the job is wrong anyway. Well, this certainly cannot be done by a machine, because the engine only runs automatically according to the command.


In addition to not being able to do the validation and analysis, an accounting software necessarily also couldn’t do reconciliation. An accountant who is familiar with the science of accounting required to reconcile on all existing accounts ranging from cash, accounts receivable, deposits, securities, inventory, fixed assets, asset tax-deferred interest, and so on.

The evaluation of the

Although the function of accounting software is indeed powerful, but its function is still inferior to an accountant. Akutan need a monitor and ensure that the validation and analysis of walking consistently each day so that later there was nothing wrong in the financial statements. Later this evaluation is done by another accountant, i.e. the internal and external auditors. The process is named after the audit process. Although the use of special software audit any definitely will still need an accountant who truly understand.


All the activities that have been discussed in several of the previous points, starting from the validation, analysis, and evaluation of reconciliation, there will be no point in not making recommendations. Why? No system is perfect, of course. If the above activities remain not done carefully, then maybe there will be a problem that is not detected. The results of validation until the evaluation of yesteryear apparently found any discrepancy or problem. It must be poured in the recommendation. It also might not exist in accounting software, although there were then only as a complement to its just a possibility.

Software Management Application Complete and best Hospitals

In search of a management software of hospital or hospital management systems providers certainly should consider the suitability of the conditions and process at each hospital. Hospital information management system is the backbone of paramount in carrying out day-to-day operations. Therefore, hospital information systems need to be planned for the long term strategy.

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Full-Featured Hospital Management Software

Hospital information management software akuntansi that integrates appropriately designed to manage all aspects of the operations of the hospital. As for the management of incoming patients, out patient registration, agreement meeting the doctor with patient, patient billing, human resources and payroll system, taxation, accounting, asset management, and more.

Here’s the full features that must be owned by a hospital software:

  • Management Services, Manage the services provided by the hospital. The level of assessment services can be determined based on the rules set by RS. Module of the information systems of the hospital will consider several things and the parameters for calculating the level of service per patient. So the hospital management can monitor the quality of their services every time.
  • Patient Management, Every patient who is in a desirable given the unique ID useful for giving information on the history of care (Medical Record) and the history of the patient’s visit. This module includes the complete managing inpatients and outpatients with complete data, the cost of the doctor, until the total bill payment (billing)
  • Doctor Of Management, In addition to record doctors and areas of expertise, this module can directly provide advice to the patient admissions (reception/front desk). Based on the terms set by management, i.e.: A patient wants to clean the teeth then this module will list the dentist as well as complete information related this. So the hospital can increase the speed and accuracy of service at front-desk. Modules in an important part of a hospital management software.
  • Management of Suppliers and vendors, This module logs the entire supplier to hospitals, both suppliers of drugs, medical equipment, security devices, IT and so on. There is a function of the assessment for each of the suppliers and vendors in accordance with criteria established by the hospital management.
  • Purchasing Management, This module takes care of the entire purchasing activities starting from the submission, approval, payment, up to the reception. Equipped with needs analysis and notification if there is inventory thinned. The goal is to keep the service to patients and operational activities can continue to run smoothly without any drawbacks.
  • Other Units Management, Module for laboratory units, pharmacies, radiology facilities, the purchase of space in the operating room, doctors etc., emergency units and others, the module is connected to other modules.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES and Payroll modules, Containing information on employees and doctors, as well as the system of payment of salary and bonus calculations services with convenience or penalty. This module is also connected with the machine fingerprint attendance.
  • Complete Accounting Module, This module contains the journal automatically of any transactions that are generated by the entire unit in the hospital. Automatic asset management provides a list of fixed assets and depreciation, taxation, debt management and accounts receivable, and more. Hospital information system so that it can produce financial statements and financial ratios.
  • Security and Backup, Is an important feature to maintain the sustainability of the operations of the hospital. Management information system is in need of backup. This is intended so that in case of a fault or damage, then the management can use the last backup that data is stored. This system should be on automation in order not to foreclose your IT staff time.

Selection Criteria A Hospital Management Software

Several criteria in choosing a hospital management software are:

  1. Data doctor’s ease of access that contains a variety of information for the purpose of maintaining the continuity of patient care, and must be accessible from anywhere securely by itself and the staff concerned (authorized staff).
  2. May assist in decision making for management to develop a comprehensive health care policy.
  3. An easy to use administration system, efficiently and accurately to all aspects. This can give you an idea to the management of the growth of the financial services and the hospital.
  4. Can improve the monitoring of drug use and examines their effectiveness. It can suppress the risk of accusations of malpractice, give advice to the doctor and the pharmacy, so the purchase of the drugs can be more efficient and dispensing to the patient may be more appropriate.
  5. Structured programming, can reduce user errors in input data or use of the module. Structured programming can prevent the occurrence of data or multiple information, pre perform printing fast served in a matter of less than 3 seconds.
  6. Wear a reliable database and is able to accommodate large data (big data).
  7. Given the “door” for integration of other modules would be developed in time to come, so as not to have to depend on the initial developer. This is an important factor to accompany the development of the hospital service increasingly sophisticated like using the Internet of Things (IoT) for in health and medicine. This is because in future hospital competition can come from it. The more sophisticated, the higher level of service and accuracy of action to the patient.
  8. Having a good backup and restore functions locally, as well as to the location of the server on the provider’s data center or colocation data center in which it is to keep the continuity of the operations.
  9. Damage detection system of hardware and software, that are useful to provide notification to the IT Department of the hospital.

To the hospital with several separate branch locations, the need for special features to provide a segmentation or cost profit center that can then be used for consolidation with the Center. It is also useful to monitor the activity and development of the branches of the hospital. This will facilitate party management in providing policy advice, as well as the decision-making action appropriately.

Hospital information management system of the above can be created by developers who understand all aspects of hospital operations. Of course it requires multidisciplinary skills. Therefore it is strongly recommended to use a managed services provider service which does have a team of professionals from various fields. The IT consultant has not only experts in the IT field, but includes the areas of management, accounting and taxation, security software and network. And more great if hoggard managed service which is a data center operator and always update in the field of information technology plus internet (cloud based application).

8 Element Calculation of Cost of goods Software Company

At this time the discussion of the calculation of cost of goods software company from the monthly tuition fees and hosting fees. And this is just a calculation in General so that it would not necessarily be used as a basis for the application of COGS on your accounting system, but it may help the company in calculating gross profit or gross profit based products and is expected to assist the company in providing an overview to invstor.

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Item Price Revenue Software Company

Provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) who spread their production results of ata software applications over the Internet will have most of their HPP comes from subscription fees and hosting fees. Subscriptions and hosting costs are usually broken down into the following:

  1. Bandwidth Costs, The good software company that puts the application in the data center or in the server’s own Office remains exposed to the cost of bandwidth connection e.g. to Telkom Indonesia, cross Arta, Indosat, XL, Moratelindo, Bizznet and others.
  2. The Cost Of The Rent Data Center, In fact, the company that puts more SaaS applications and data on to a new data center and this means there is a possibility of monthly expenses that arise, such as rent and rack, and other monthly costs because there is the possibility that increased the monthly fee as well as an increased use of server capacity that is caused because of the increased the number of customer applications and required special measures or upgrade services or add other services.
  3. Depreciation expense of equipment in the Data Center, If a software company has its own server devices and perform server colocation in data center of a constituent, then the server and devices owned by the software company has a cost of depreciation in accordance with the generally accepted age of wear on the industry (generally 4 to 5 years) by using the method of straight line (straight line method) and the cost is also entered on the components of the software company’s COGS.
  4. The cost of rental of IT equipment in Data centers, The company’s software developers who rent a device server and data center on the company network, then the rental fee this is placed on the calculation of cost of goods pendapata.
  5. Cost to rent Software/3rd Party Software Licenses in the Data Center, Such as ERP companies that provide services to multi-national corporations, and they put on the platform of SAP Business One, also used the Oracle database. Then the cost of SaaS companies such as licensing fees and software such as Cpanel software they put on, Security Management software, or other software that is offered by a provider of data center then there will be a monthly or annual rental fee for the software.
  6. Professional Fees, Starting from the business analyst to the programmers who are directly involved with the process of making software, is entered on the cost price of revenue
  7. Direct Cost Of Sales, For example, the company is like Uber and GrabBike the affected credit card charges, then the processing fee upon payment may be charged on the price of the components of revenue.
  8. Middle-aged Employees for reporting purposes in the Data Center, Although in general IT staff especially the administrator for the network and servers already provided as support by the provider of the data center in Indonesia, but there are times when software company also has its own IT staff for installation, configuration, management of their servers in the data center can be done remotely, and staff IT is at least as a part time employee.

The elements of the calculation of the HPP above also applies to software akuntansi company serving the customization in his Ministry, one difference is likely at the cost of employees’ professional good programmers, trainers, and more.

The emergence of the technopreneur requires its own insight to be able to assess accurately the costs of the company’s staple, and this is a new challenge for the accountant in Indonesia.