Outbound Malang Youtube

Outbound Malang Youtube

In the digital age is more advanced. Everything inforasi in any form is very easy to access. Due to the more modern era with a variety of technologies that allows every human being. As well as information about the holiday. You can easily access it via the Internet.

But the problem is a system of distrust because minimal information on such information. In this era of urban people want fast, precise and accurate. And then we outbound malang comes with a variety of information on outbound holidays in the city of Malang. By fulfilling what you need information outbound holiday in Malang.

We present you with the most comprehensive online information. Giving you the best location reference outbound. And your demands regarding holidays such as hotel and souvenir shop. You can access our website at trainingoutboundmalang.com or simply go to our channel in Training Outbound Malang. There are sharing our outbound activity documentation together various agencies, companies, or large family gathering.

outbound malang

Detailed not all info about outbound activity do you need in detail has been posted there. Issue price of the package we have – an attractive package and can be adjusted with outbound event would you invent. For example a package company, school or outbound packets. All have been adapted and handled our trusty trainer. If you are still unsure, you can visit our office and survey the place outbound and inns. Purposes outbound malang event all feel easy with us outbound malang.

We make outbound different concepts with outbound malang. Where not only the fun and excitement obtained. But it is hoped will also be able to realize a good motivational training materials for participants’ lives in the future.

It is the solution to your travel is already saturated with travel in general. In addition to testing the dexterity can also train the cooperation between friends. It is important for you who work in the office and requires working in a team. Outbound travel Batu Malang outbound experience that is second to none.

Outbound Malang untuk Perusahaan

Outbound Malang untuk Perusahaan

Every human being must have a point – a certain point in her life, helping her or even motivated him in living his life. It is indeed very common. You really needed something that could make you the spirit and motivated. Similarly, the work you need something that makes you feel like working outbound malang .

Not only competence in ourselves alone, but there must also be a gal who makes one encouraged in the work. Usually the thing that makes us excited is the family, the target and the result of the achievement of these targets.

Training / Training is also very important in the performance of employees. By training employees are able to learn a untku measure employee performance assessment and training / training conducted after the results of the assessment. Training / Training was done so that employees have the knowledge, abilities and skills according to the demands pekerjaa they do

Outbound Training so one among the best innovation for the course or training in a row of institutions and large corporations. There are so many companies that make the moment outbound training as a way to train their employees.

Today is indeed a lot of companies who are competing seklai – a race so most good. To can so large a company, in need of human resources quality. Not only human resources but also sustainable quality in work. To keep becoming the most good. The steps are fitting for one company.

outbound malang

Outbound training is a training plan in combination with outbound activities. Outbound training matches the outbound indeed very outbound malang untuk perusahaan. Moment outbound attractive and exciting and memorable indeed berbbeda not monotonous.

Therefore we Outbound Malang there to handle your company’s internal problems. We Outbound Malang outbound best provider in Malang.

For those of you who are very bored with your office work. Panorama green cool weather typical of the mountains is a small paradise that you miss. Because something like this is so is not often you get in a big city. So wait any longer coincided join us in Outbound Malang.

Outbound Malang Center

Outbound Malang Center

Hello, good morning friend buddy, always with the spirit of the morning – of our day. Buddy does not feel already the weekend only, wah nih would have gathered all tired, tired, tired, lethargic. Delish where are we going this weekend yes.

outbound malang

If you are still confused this weekend going? We have a solution. Outbound Malang Center, a holiday is not just a regular holiday. You can be with us at the Center outbound Outbound Malang KWB Adventure. Provider outbound reliable in Malang.

We have served thousands of clients in different cities. We prioritize good customer service, so that the impression left behind forgotten the outbound member

Waiting for you are interested in trying? Join us at KWB Outbound Adventure.

Facilitator Outbound Malang

The plan would outbound year-end holidays, but confusing to find outbound great facilitator. Wow do not be confused, do not upset us KWB Adventure Outbound solution. We have established more than 10 years as a best facilitator outbound  in Malang.

You should not have doubts about where outbound or lodging. We have teamed up with star and hotel standard. In accordance with your wishes. And in accordance with your holiday budget.

But the holiday kalu we have to take it by returning home – by. I still confuse the heck, we can also take you directly to the place by the – by the excellent and comprehensive in Kota Malang.Jadi if you have any doubts with us? You also can survey both outbound and hotel location. So you can make sure all planned with the slick.

Remember outbound? Facilitator remember Outbound Malang KWB Adventure

Outbound Malang Deals

Sihliburan really want to end the year, but not many nih holiday budget. I wish the hell out of town vacation come together at a co-worker but the budget is not a lot of ya. Do confused we have a solution. Our No Limit Adventure outbound provider in Malang reliable.

Provider outbound theme Outbound Malang cheap but not cheap. Yes Only KWB Outbound Adventure. Waiting for your outbound event entrust with us KWB Adventure.


Outbound in Batu

Travel is the possibility of fatigue, and all that works. In general, people will travel to attractions such as playgrounds, beaches, museums, Malang and more outbound.
Traveling on the playground or on the beach may be too easy for you, now it’s time for a new track, the test output Malang. why stop? Well, the way out is now the anti-mainstream trend.


training outbound malang

Many companies and agencies activities outbound Malang select conducted as regular travel plan. Why? Outbound is a way of training and personal development in a fun but effective.

Where the hell are seeking outbound service is the best? Not to be confused, Malang output response. Together trainers and instructors who are professional and experienced outbound activities not disappoint.

In addition, production in Malang also offers a wide range of attractive packages, such as training in production, training, motivation, rafting, paintball and airsoft gun. Accommodation like? Relax, outbound Malang ready to help you book a villa or a hotel in Batu and Malang.

Outbound Malang Package includes:
1. Outbound training Rp 120,000 per person
2. Motivation Training Rp 100,000 per person
3. Rafting Rp 180,000 per person
4. Paintball Rp 150,000 per person
5. Airsoft gun Rp 130,000 per person

If having fun with outbound, not fun like it if you do not enjoy a unique culinary glutinous rice stone, worked out different fruits, such as apple strudel, apple cider, apple sweet candy, chips and other fruits that do not find anywhere else.


Kota Batu as the city is situated on the slopes of the mountain and has a cool climate is ideal for growing vegetables and fruits, especially apples. This is the reason Apple’s iconic Batu side with “Shining Batu” slogan.

Well, if you do not forget to Batu, Batu iconic city trip to visit:
1. Jawa Timur Park 1 and 2
2. Museum angkut
3. Predator fun park
4. Eco green park
5. picking apple and fruit travel
6. etc …

Outbound Selecta Malang

Selecta is a landmark of the city located Batu on Jalan Raya Selecta, Tulungrejo. This tour is a tourist attraction in the oldest stone of the city. This place is a predecessor of Batu travel. Selecta, the Dutch citizen named Ruyter de Wildt has built himself on th. In 1930 as tourist attraction, as well as the rest of the Dutch in Indonesia.


training outbound malang

Selecta selection is from the word “choice”, in the following Selecta, so that was a masterpiece of tourist attraction, which fits with respect to the natural beauty and the coolness of the mountains – outbound Malang.

Selecta so tourist attraction is always busy, because of the beauty and the tickets are affordable, only around IDR 25 000,-/person. This place is a place outgoing. When you enter this room, you can put fish in a large and beautiful jars. Pictures of animals are also important for taking a funny picture. After you enter your flower garden room. There are many kinds of colorful flowers in wonderful.

Rows of colorful flowers contrasting with the lush green environment. Instead of this park is a green open space for outbound activities. A variety of fun games that can be done Selecta Malang to show. As well as courses as self-development, the addition of the work team and the motivation to honest in productive outbound material can be obtained.

Games also provided a positive role for themselves. After getting outbound is better, you can enjoy the rides set up here, such as air, biking, horseback riding, Flying Fox, Kora Kora, a duck boat and playground arena.

Do not forget to be the pool before you yourself. There are three swimming pools, two shallow pools with mini water park for children and adult pool. Selecta Pool is also used as a pool for training children to swim.

A cozy restaurant with a varied menu is attractive here. He has next to the pool for adults. You can fill the stomach with good food and reasonable prices. Certainly provides complete tourist Selecta, a niche for outgoing, swim and enjoy the flower garden to spoil eyes.

Wahana outbound Malang

In airsoft gun Malang in a family in your ear. What exactly are airsosf gun doing? airsoft gun outbound is one of the abandoned vehicles, where the participants can play as a sniper in the fight. Airsoft gun is basically a type of exercise.



Airsoft gun comes from Japan, in the 70s, the Japanese really like shoot-out as in the war, but due to the regulations in Japan, which prohibits the possession of firearms, then made a mock attack with guns like guns, but only by only Replication.

Airsoft gun outbound is now more and more popular because it exciting and adrenaline game. Participants will feel like a sniper and a member of the armed forces.


In airsoft gun in production, the participants shoot not only play the war, but also they will get information about the existing techniques in the airsoft gun. Before you start playing, you also get a briefing on how to play the rules and regulations airsoft gun.

They are also required to wear or minimize facial protection vests and also the wounds in the chest a security package, such as Google (glasses). Use the gun a gun me similar to a gun, but with a different system of work. There are three types of propulsion of the spring airsoft gun, electric and gas.

For a diameter projectile within 6 mm with a weight of 0.12 grams up to grams 00.25, 00.30 grams. If airsoft gun are issued a kind like to do more than starting rafting, the intestines are encouraged because it looks like a military power.

For the location of the air gun outbound is an open position with many trees, shrubs or as a place to use to hide from the enemy. For an additional fee, it is also usually because the airsoft gun charges concern between IDR 130,000 to IDR 200,000 per person. Very interesting airsoft gun outbound, he will lead as a military soldier war.