Trump Replied On Twitter And Said That The Rapper’s Career Is In Decline Like Kostum Badut Bandung. Watch The Clip!

Snoop Dogg is monitored by the Secret Service after clip in which Trump throws kostum badut bandung

Rapper Snoop Dogg is being monitored by the United States Secret Service after the release of his newest clip, from the song ‘BADBADNOTGOOD’. In the production, the musician appears firing in a version of the president of the USA, Donald Trump, dressed as a kostum badut bandung. A representative of the presidency informed the TMZ website that the video caught the attention of the government and Dogg is being considered as a possible threat to Trump. It is worth remembering that Madonna was also placed on the radar of the Secret Service, responsible for protecting the president and the deputy, after staging a demonstration shortly after the Republican who even thought of blowing up the White House.

In the recording, from the final instants of the work, the rapper appears in a parking lot, holding a weapon towards Trump’s head. After a few seconds, the musician pulls the trigger and a banner appears with the onomatopoeia “BANG!”.

Trump reacted to the video on Twitter. “Have you ever wondered what the drama would be like if Snoop Dogg, in his declining career, had shot President Obama in the head? Chain! “Wrote the president. Watch the video, with the scene from the third minute:

During the interview, Snoop continued to talk about Trump. He said:

The prohibition that people is trying to make official when winning the presidency. The police are able to kill anyone they want and go unpunished on their behalf.

People who are in prison for marijuana for 20, 30 years and people who are not black on the streets making money. If you have color or ethnicity kostum badut bandung attached to your name, you are unfairly accused or locked up for it, and you see thousands of people who are white doing illegal things and going unpunished with it.

It’s a lot of happening that we could sit and talk on the phone all day. But it’s just a few issues that we really wanted to address in the video, like the police, the president, and life in general.

Snoop Dogg Triggers Controversy With Unclassified Clip In Trump Badut Bandung

“No one is dealing with the real problem that is this … a clown as president,” said rapper on “Lavender” clip.

American rapper Snoop Dogg was criticized for this image Tuesday after releasing a video clip in which appears firing no president Donald Trump, represented as a badut bandung.

“I feel like there’s a lot of people doing ‘cool’ records, having fun, going to parties, but no one is dealing with the real problem that is … a clown as president,” the rapper told Billboard magazine.
The biggest dose of video clip “Lavender”, released on Monday, is plastered like a sinister badut bandung.

One of them portrays Donald Trump, with his trademark hair, tanned skin, and a long red tie, in front of an office that resembles the White House presidential cabinet called the “Clown House.”

It’s not Donald Trump … It’s Ronald Klump.

Identified as cloned as Ronald Klump, the badut bandung┬áraises like hands as if arrested by Snoop Dogg, who fires a gun shot through a writing band written “Bang”, recalling the aesthetics of the comics.

US Senator Marco Rubio, one of the few members of the Republican Party who is an avid hip-hop fan, criticizes the video saying “Presidents have been murdered in this country in the past.”
“If it’s to be seen by the wrong person and [she] gets this bad idea, we may have a real problem. I do not know what Snoop was thinking,” the Florida senator said on the TMZ celebrity site. Several conservative media criticized the music video.
Adapted from instrumental music for the Canadian group BadBadNotGood, “Lavender” also evokes abuses.