Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Try Check with Cara’s.

Definitely very frustrating, when suddenly the laptop keyboard is not working or broken, let alone we’re typing on your most important tasks. Sometimes the damage can be caused by problems in the software or hardware, it may need a little repair and could be repaired.

For each brand itself is often also has a special characteristic of each, usually as follows awesome laptop keyboard problem that often occurs in  brand:

How to Fix Damaged Laptop Keyboard Not Working

When experienced anything like this, you just need a way to restore normal laptop keyboard. So what should you do when silly like this? Ok!The following is the easy way to do repair themselves, and that heavy is when you can not open it. :

1. Clean small dirt

When most of your keyboard keys do not function, another key moment was fine, so there is the possibility of minor impurities which hinder your keyboard keys.

This sort of thing can take place for example when you eat while working and crumbs of food that you eat fallen on your laptop keyboard.

To cope, the easiest thing that can be done that is tilting the laptop on a corner approximately 75 degrees and gently shake your laptop to get rid of impurities that.

And check the whole button and watch if the buttons do not function or the bia laptop. If not please blow air on your keyboard keys can be done to clean the impurities that exist between them.

2. Me-restart Laptop

If no majority is not working, it is likely damaged in the software or a keyboard driver. So the way a laptop keyboard benerin most do not work try on the restart

If you still can turn off the laptop from the Start button in the normal way, can by turning off your laptop. But if it could not have been to try to press the power button along the 5 seconds (maximum of 15 seconds) to turn off your laptop by force. Then try to turn on and check again.

Turn off the laptop is often a solution silly keyboard repair, etc.

3. Me-restore system

If your laptop keyboard quit the role after you put a new application or alter the preparation of a laptop, you have to do a restore laptop system.

Pace, click the Start button, then click Control Panel. After that, click ‘Back up your computer’ under the heading ‘System and Security’. Then click “Recover system settings or your computer”, then click ‘Open System Restore’.

After that, just follow the simple steps to restore laptop error. After a successful restore system next rebooted the laptop. When the trigger on your keyboard there are problems in the system, if successful way of fixing the keyboard are supposed to be back functioning.

4. Fix keyboard driver

The keyboard that does not play a role with the finest keyboard can also be caused by drivers who are not up-to-date or keyboard driver to be distracted by other programs. To be sure, you can check whether your keyboard driver with the best way or not in the ‘Device Manager’.

Counterfeit Manager can be opened from the ‘Control Panel’. The next step click ‘System and Security’. Then click the ‘Device Manager’ under the heading ‘System’. In Device Manager, you will find drivers from the whole hardware in your laptop.

Then click ‘keyboard’ and you will find your error laptop keyboard driver. When there or find a yellow triangle with an exclamation so the keyboard driver signals you have a problem. The solution, you can visit the website of your laptop manufacturer’s website to find the latest driver you need for your laptop.

5. Bring to a Laptop Repair Professionals

When the four steps above fail, so you’ll want to bring your laptop to the professionals. Especially if your laptop warranty is still valid.

But if your laptop warranty does not apply best decision is bring your laptop to a professional servicing, to avoid other problems you do not want. There is probably not functioning that caused damaged on the cable on your laptop cables are generally dissolution of carbon that could be improved after the tar-detection.

To repair Keyboard Not Working as servicing this generally will not unduly attract higher rates.

6. Placing alternative

In pressing circumstances, for a moment you can use the keyboard with a USB port. Indeed seems to be the feeling uncomfortable. But the success of these measures can be sure almost 100%.

Then if you are really in the condition it is pressed for a short kata2 typing, for example username and password to connect e-mail address when it also you can use the virtual keyboard on your laptop monitor.

To use it please click the Start button and then click on ‘All Programs’. Then click the ‘Accessories’ and click on ‘Ease of Access’. Then click ‘On-Screen Keyboard’ to start using the virtual keyboard.

How the above is only part of the solution, but hopefully no other way to repair a broken keyboard. When not sure what you would do after the detection , it’s good to immediately refer the matter to the artisan repair, or a minimum of a friend who can handle it.

Tips for Choosing a Qualified Wireless Mouse

There are so many wireless mouse wireless gaming or non-gaming mouse on the market since the beginning made a wireless mouse and can be ascertained from the many mouse definitely a lot of mouse made just models but less attention to the comfort of the user’s mouse itself. Any layman buyer usually only see in terms of appearance and the brand of the mouse, a brand known not guarantee all its products nice you know.

Well this time I will share a few tips trick to find a wireless mouse cheap quality that hopefully can be durable and you also freely maneuver on a computer screen or laptop.

One battery
Try the time we are looking for a mouse that has only one piece of the battery. It is one of the less noticed by the buyer when purchasing a mouse with the original purchase. With two batteries power one would think life will be longer than the mouse with the mouse batteries. In fact tantamount fact, so ‘save energy’.

Raw material
Keep the mouse when we want to buy us tap the top and bottom of the mouse, do not buy a great mouse but as empty mouse casing, so it seem cheap and usually when the mouse we have an accident such as a fall or other breakable casing will
nano Receiver

When you’re buying a mouse make sure we pay attention to nano receiver too. Search for nano receiver that is made better. Do not buy too fragile because usually fragile, easily dislodged between body nano receiver with his usb plugs.

Mouse Bluetech
Double Lens Technology and Bluetech
Double Lens is a technology where the mouse has a higher degree of precision than the other mice. You’ve experienced when the mouse cursor sometimes you do not use the computer screen as shifted little by little. Double Lens is a technology for the deficiency.

Bluetech is mouse technology can be used in almost all the surface without mouse pad even surface that can reflect light such as glass laser mouse. So when traveling we do not have to bother looking for our mouse pads
ergonomic design

Your mouse users that emphasizes comfort, find a mouse that fits your hand you. Do not find a mouse that is too small or that the design is squashed!.
Usually an ergonomic mouse that has a slightly larger design section at the back of the mouse to fit in the palm of our hands. Find the mouse to position our thumb in a state as comfortable as possible. Usually on the left side is more concave mouse.

Bluetech Mouse Ergonomic Design

Dot per Inches (Dpi)
DPI is the capacity in which the extent to which the mouse will move in one inch. Her Standart now has a 1200dpi mouse for non-gaming mouse. But for gaming mouse anyone can achieve even more so 7200Dpi impressed mouse faster.
Price relative to the price of a wireless mouse usually for a maximum of 150,000 already have enough ability maximal
A few tips from me, I hope you can find a partner for your laptop or your computer properly, quickly and wisely.

Laptop Minimum Specifications To Play PES 2017

Specifications Laptop, Computer and PC in order to play PES 2017 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2017) -PES 2017 Game System Requirements.halo pal lovers Ball game Pro Evolution Soccer, has heard the news in our ears to the presence Game PES 2017 will be released on September 20 2016 .
With the look and features a very apik.buat who want to play the game PES 2017 in Laptops should certainly PES 2017 game Download Full Version For PC or friend can buy a DVD of PES 2017 in stores Game.
Hasil gambar untuk laptop untuk game pes 2017
Need to know before buddy buddy download PES 2017 game buddy should know Minimum PC Specs for PES 2017 because if my friend does not know Minimum and Recommended PC Specs to can Play PES 2017 then the friend will be futile because the laptop or PC buddy can not install the game PES 2017.ini He Minimum Requirements Specifications for PES 2017 PC Game
Want to play PES 2017 in Laptops? Go Laptop Minimum Specifications PES 2017 PC
Minimum Specifications PES 2017
Operating System: Windows 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista SP2
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.8 GHz. AMD Athlon II X2 240 processor or similar
Memory: 4 GB RAM
VGA: nVidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1300 / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or better.
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard drive: At least 8 GB available
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
Specifications Recommendations PES 2017
Operating System: Windows 8.1 / 8
Processor: Intel Core i3 530 AMD Phenom II X4 925 or similar processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
VGA: nVidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1300 / Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard drive: At least 8 GB available
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card
New Features in PES 2017
1. Real Touch (Touch Real)
2. Precise Pass (feed / Passing Right)
3. Total Team Control (Control Team Fully)
4. Custom corner / set piece strategies (Strategy corner kicks / free kicks)
5. Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence)
6. Improved graphics (Improved graphics)
7. Natural Player Movement (Movement of natural performer)
8. Jim Beglin and improved commentary (Jim Beglin and an increase in the comments)

What Are The Benefits Of Internet In General?

Fungsi excel – Benefits of the Internet for one’s life course are legion, especially since the Internet has become a primary need that can not be released simply to people’s lives not only in Indonesia but also in the world. But have you ponder what exactly the benefits to be derived from the world of the Internet, particularly related to the following five aspects.

What Are The Benefits Of Internet In General?

What Are The Benefits Of Internet In General?

Benefits of internet in the field of health

Have you ever realized that one of the benefits of internet related to health world, where over the internet someone will get information about the prevention of certain diseases or on the way so that he could keep the body healthy.

Fairly high awareness of everyone to maintain their own physical condition in order to stay fit and not continually come for treatment to the hospital become a major factor on the world health internet access is now mainstream. For example, just when someone is looking for information on how to prevent heart disease or how a healthy diet.

The benefits of the Internet for education

With the advances in technology today, one of the benefits of the Internet is to develop education. Why is that? Because by using the internet, every child who is still in the stage of development of science can obtain information corresponding to the subjects taught in formal schools.

Each child can develop their own information obtained through formal education and hone the information obtained to support their education later on a higher level.
The benefits of the Internet for the field of tourism

With the density of activity undertaken by a person from office work activities until homework, no less a person will need a media entertainment or holidays. Therefore, it can be said that one of the benefits of the Internet related to the function of tourism, where one can search for the desired media vacation after adjusting for funds owned.

For example, a man who never took time off after three years of work finally want to spend time together with family for vacation for a week, then he prepares travel tickets and accommodation destinations of interest by first searching for information via the Internet.

The benefits of the Internet for the field of religion

When activities are carried out does not allow you to learn directly about religion to deepen the religion you profess, Internet media could be one vehicle for you to learn about how to worship or practice what to do in accordance with your religion, of course, when you also access the website which can be accounted for. A person can enrich ourselves about religious knowledge via the Internet prior to consult with someone more expert in the neighborhood.

The benefits of the Internet for social sector

Everyone must take time to be in touch with others in the vicinity. But when the time is there or activities that do not allow for face to face directly, the existing Internet network can be used to establish the necessary communications. Internet can help each person to get information about another person who is a friend or family through social media such as facebook , path, instagram, or other social media whenever or wherever.

For example, when there are people who want to hold a birthday party private by inviting close friends, with the sophistication of the Internet world that are present, the person concerned can spread the invitation via social media and will be directly accessible to those who were invited when he was also the same media.

3 Know the Terms Popular Video Card Required You Go

In this article we will discuss about the three terms in the world of graphics card you must know. Why? Often (without prejudice), the manufacturers use these terms without including a detailed explanation on the box or packaging them vga card. So impressed fool consumers. Well, here are the terms:
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go fungsi excel


Video RAM or VRAM actually shortened by only designation to more easily distinguish between system memory or RAM installed on a motherboard with a capacity of available RAM on the video card . Both actually have a lot in common.

Only in VRAM, especially on the series High-end using chip memory that is faster than that used in the RAM system memory . Other designations are Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter (RAMDAC).
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 283% in 2529

VRAM is on the pricelist computer stores are usually called after the name of the chipset VGA card , for example, the XFX R9-FURY-4QFA RADEON R9 X FURY 4GB DDR5 HDMI 3xDP. GDDR VRAM is also often referred to by the chipset manufacturer vga. GDDR is an abbreviation of Graphics Double Data Rate.

VGA which was released in 2015 GDDR5 mostly been applied to the series mainstream upwards. while the mainstream down sometimes there is still using GDDR3 certainly slower performance.
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 282% in 2529

The fact is the development of memory on the VGA chipset is faster than memory on the motherboard. And it sometimes makes end-user confusion, we often get questions from users “Do vga with GDDR5 memory could be installed on the system motherboard DDR3?”.

The answer of course you can, as long as the motherboard VGA slot supports its VGA slot. In that sense, VGA slot 16x PCIEx course can only be installed on a motherboard that has been providing PCIEX slot 16 and certainly not compatible with the motherboard with AGP slot (usually old school).
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 284% in 2529

Not infrequently, the users ( end-user ) puzzled when want to know the actual amount of VRAM on the graphics card used. This is because the video card that is used to adopt TurboCache for nVIDIA card vide or HyperMemory video card from ATI Radeon. So what is TurboCache and HyperMemory?
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 285% in 2529

2. TurboCache
Technological methods used in the NVIDIA TurboCache allows a video card to use the frame buffer memory , both of which are available on the video card (VRAM) and system memory installed on the motherboard (RAM). It is possible to use access to high-bandwidth fast, which is provided by the PCI-Express bus. With bandwidth bidirectional PCI Express.

TurboCache development itself is intended to provide a ratio cost / performance better on a video card. Primarily by reducing the amount of VRAM memory installed on a video card. Introduced the first time launched the GeForce 6200. NVIDIA TurboCache Manager (TCM) in charge of allocating the amount of memory required from the system RAM dynamically.
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 286% in 2529

Not infrequently, TurboCache confusing for the end-user . In which the end-user difficult to know exactly the amount of VRAM is actually available on the video card. Some products video card, either on the product itself or the packaging wrappers and sometimes with the specifications of the official website, only provide information on the maximum amount of memory, both VRAM plus the maximum RAM that can be utilized TurboCache.

Often the information provided to mislead consumers, in addition to the memory about 16-128MB, which will be accessed from RAM via TurboCache. Later, some video card manufacturers have started to provide information that is more easily understood, by stating the total amount of VRAM memory only.

3. HyperMemory
The technology used by ATi Radeon to take advantage of the RAM in the system memory as an extra frame buffer memory . It is possible to tap the speed of data transfer is possible, since the use of interface PCI Express.

Interest HyperMemory also used to suppress the production cost by reducing the amount of VRAM installed on a video card, video card, especially on the segmentation class value . Some ATI video card with HyperMemory usually seen from an additional name on the back, among them such as HM, LE ( Lemot Edition said my friend hehe), and SE.
Know-3-term-Popular-Video-Card-the-Payer-You-Go% 2B% 25 287% in 2529

As well as the TurboCache, some manufacturers do not provide exact information about the actual amount of VRAM installed on the video card. Most claim to have 512 MB of RAM, for example, with a note to keep in mind, the amount of memory it is a combination of VRAM and system memory RAM on a motherboard that is accessible with HyperMemory.

HyperMemory is widely used in addition to the graphics processor for the desktop PC, also on Mobility Radeon graphics controller used on the notebook. HyperMemory also used on Radeon Express chipset with graphics controller integrated.

Important notes TurboCache and HyperMemory is a term that should not make you wrong perception. On the chipset and the same series, VGA with TurboCache and HyperMemory performance is slower than the no-frills those terms. In that sense, automatically span the price is cheaper.

The fact now is sometimes additional terms cool and cool the VGA card manufacturer is simply a strategy to mislead consumers, and consumers get the severity of the VGA card is not cool and cool as those terms.

Similarly Popular articles about the third term Compulsory VGA Card You Know, may be helpful and useful. Thank you

10 Gaming Mouse Best For Your Gaming RIG

When the computer mouse was discovered and became the main input device for the PC in the 1980s would have been unthinkable at the time when there will be a mouse made specifically for gaming. I understand it, all of course since the 1980s have not been many variations of the computer game because the game was still very simple.



The last few years have evolved total gaming mouse with a variety of models, manufacturers and higher technical specs than .Jika standard PC mouse you feel you’ve worn to play Starcraft II and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for hours or even if you want to feel the aroma of new flavors in playing games then you need to read a list of the best gaming mouse I below.

1. Steel Series Xai
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 8, CPI / DPI: 100-5001, speed: 30g, inch / sec: 150

SteelSeries is a manufacturer that has been known as a maker of gaming gear and accessories high-end class, and for the products they have branded Xai mouse that has been very popular among gamers. The design is comfortable to hold and is perfect for anyone who wears it, wrapped features and high end specifications such as HD laser sensor, 12,000 fps and CPI settings 100-5001. Indeed, other products may have a higher specification but only the range of approximately 20-30% only.

Xai mouse also has an LCD display that is embedded in the mouse that works to create a user profile and change the settings of the mouse, and the great all settings stored in the memory Xai itself so as if the mouse has a “software independent” in it.

2. Razer Mamba
The connection types: wired and wirelessly, the number of buttons: 7 CPI / DPI: 5600, speed: 50g, inch / sec: 200

Razer Mamba offers some of the highest technical specifications rather than all of the mouse in the list of this article. But also followed a heavy price in this list. Razer Mamba may be said to offer the best gaming experience with support for wired or wireless depending on your taste. Mamba also had seven macro keys that can be programmed by the user, this built memory to store different profiles and a battery that can last 14 hours of continuous play games in a single charge.

3. Cyborg R.A.T. 9
This type of connection: without cable, the number of buttons: 7 CPI / DPI: 5600, speed: 50g, inch / sec: 236

From MadCatz Cyborg RAT Mouse looks quite unique or look very magical to me. Each model series has a large selection of settings to be nice and comfortable when gripped by your hands. RAT9 technical specifications may be balanced or even better than the ones on our list, the bad news the price is also relatively expensive. MadCatz makes three other versions of the mouse Cyborg RAT, including RAT7 which is the version that still use a wired connection. The only difference compared to the RAT 9, while the RAT 5 and 3 both have a nice setting as well of course, but with the technical specifications under his older brothers.

4. Logitech G700
This type of connection: wireless, key number: 13, CPI / DPI: 200-5700, speed: 30g, inch / sec: 165
Logitech G700 wireless mouse is on top of the best for business CPI / DPI which can be set up to 5700. In fact all made gaming mouse made by Logitech has a DPI until 5700. The highlight of the G700 is the number of buttons very much compared to other gaming mouse. with 13 programmable buttons to suit your taste, it is expected that PC gamers can save a lot of macro settings for various games they’ve played. Mouse Logitech G700 also features amongst could use a wired or wireless such as those offered by Razer Mamba.
5. Razer Naga
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 17, CPI / DPI: 5600, speed: N / A, inch / sec; 200

Razer Naga is the only true gaming mouse on my list that primarily for playing various MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Razer Naga has 17 buttons, all of which can be programmed to store various user macro commands. to 12 buttons are located in a position that is very easy to reach our fingers. Razer Naga bundled includes a software to manage the macro button and save user settings for playing various MMORPG games.

6. steel Series Ikari
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 6, CPI / DPI: 3200, speed: 20g, inch / sec: 50

Steel Series Ikari may look cupu when compared to other mouse technical specifications on our list this time. But in the gaming world, although it has been aged Ikari remains the best-selling gaming mouse and preferred by many professional gamers. Steel series has made major changes to the better by upgrading his mouse sensor from optical sensors to laser sensors. If seen indeed CPI / DPI mouse is fairly low compared to other mouse, but if you wear them right then you are not able to tell which is dpi low / high. If you’re looking for a quality mid-level gaming mouse then Ikari should you noted in your search list.

7. Razer Deathadder
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 5, CPI / DPI: 3500, speed: 15g inch / sec: 120

Similar to Steel Series Ikari, Razer Deathadder’ve been at it for a couple of years ago in the world of gaming and specifications are low and prices are cheap enough to prove it. Razer mouse Deathadder formerly the flagship of Rzaer, but now the level down to the mouse entry level among the products of their mouse. Just like Ikari sensor has been upgraded from the optical to laser and Razer Deathadder is a good choice for entry level gaming mouse of course.

8. Microsoft Sidewinder X8
This type of connection: without cable, the number of buttons: 7 CPI / DPI: 4000, speed: 75g, inch / sec: 120

Microsoft Sidewinder X8 is the highest ranks of the gaming mouse from Microsoft, has impressive specifications and features but the price is relatively expensive making it dropped to a little below. Sidewinder X8 has seven macro keys, also has the most excellent speed acceleration in this list. Sidewinder X8 has a good ergonomic design that comfortably held by the hands of anyone, Microsoft claims the battery can last for 30 hours continuously on one charge.

9. Logitech G9X
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 9, CPI / DPI: 5700, speed: 30g, inch / detk: 165

Logitech G9X gaming mouse has high end features and also unique that you can adjust the weight of the mouse. Perhaps these features are very interesting but for me is actually not really necessary. However, some gamers are sure to have a mouse that weighs fitting will have an effect both when they play FPS, RTS or MMORPG. G9X speed is good and the button is enough to store the various settings of the user. If you need all those features, the Logitech G9X is the best choice.

10. Logitech G500
Types of connections: a cable, the number of buttons: 10, CPI / DPI: 5700, speed: 30g, inch / sec: 165
Just like the Logitech G9X series, G500 also weighing can be arranged to suit your taste at a cheaper price than G9X. weight settings you can set ranging from 27 grams to your comfortable. Just as G9X laser sensor is already wearing. In other words mouse Logitech G500 is a quality entry-level class of producers who do not need to doubt its popularity.

PC Recycling and Managing involving Sustainable Spend Energy

PC Recycling and Managing involving Sustainable Spend Energy. Inside the era of technological advancement when the planet has became an IT hub, it is extremely essential for industries, corporate and individuals to conserve the natural resources by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution that occur while fabricating virgin materials. A recent report suggests that over 3, 500 U. S. homes can avail electricity if a person million laptops are recycled each year.

Recycling of IT equipment has set new regulatory trends in reducing the electronic wastes which were earlier either dumped illegally or disposed off at landfill sites. Also, this sort of recycling cut recorded on fresh raw materials needed for manufacturing of latest IT equipments.

PC Recycling and Managing involving Sustainable Spend Energy

Refurbishing old IT tools inside an efficient manner can save investments of these organizations that cannot afford buying fresh IT materials. Today, advancement in technology has made recycling of almost all elements of computers possible – especially severs, monitors, keyboards, and different peripherals including printers, scanners, landlines, etc.

A typical PC contains many hazardous waste materials and it also is very important to dispose of that materials including plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, service komputer jakarta electronic boards inside an accurate manner. Since computer recycling has grown to be mandatory in many parts around the globe, many big organizations today prefer appointing professionals who are able to efficiently do business with recycling heavy metal like lead inside the circuit board.

Again, It‘s always better to obtain a waste contractor’s advice as they simply provide customized recycling solutions which differ from company to company. Today, there are a lot of advanced computer recycling programs adopted by government and private organizations. However, before appointing an IT recycling contractor, the corporate manager should perform an extensive market research to save lots of its company from experts who run such business purely for profit earning motives.

There will be two kinds of IT equipment, the first is reusable and also the second the first is non-reusable. The computer waste could be returned to the merchandise manufacturers as much the strategies provide asset recovery options on their customers for recycling their equipment responsibly and inside a secure manner. Materials from ‘de-manufactured’ goods like steel and aluminium could be reused in making various automobile and plastic toy parts. However, the non-reusable products are discarded from the manufacturers inside an environmentally friendly manner. Professional waste contractors also help organizations in safely discarding sensitive data coming from the hard drives. Technology associated with encryption and security brings permanent actions to take private details and charge card credentials kept in hard drives. The IT goods that inside a functional manner will also be sometimes donated to charity for extended usage.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be released in two weeks

Mass Effect Andromeda

Ian S Frazier, lead designer of BioWare , said via his Twitter account that the requirements for the PC version of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be revealed by the Canadian study within the next two weeks. With a second message, Frazier has also confirmed that the HUD of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be partially customizable ” Some elements may be hidden, or be set so that they are no longer displayed after a certain period of time, rather than remain permanently visible “, his statements.

Recall that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released March 23 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. BioWare recently released a new video dedicated to the combat system of its RPG, and has confirmed that the greatest difficulty will be selectable from the first playthrough.

After three episodes dubbed and subtitled in Italian it seems that Electronic Arts has second thoughts. His new Mass Effect Andromeda, to be released on March 23 on PC, PS4 and One, will offer only the texts in our language, while the voices will remain in English.

No doubt many players tend to prefer the original voices rather than the work of the voice actors from our own, almost always lower. Sorry still mean that the Italian market should be becoming less and less attractive to publishers. Role-playing games are generally characterized by a substantial amount of dialogues. It ‘clear that a translation must be demanding from the economic point of view, especially if as in the case of Mass Effect – trying to achieve a certain quality standard.

As you may know, Mass Effect Andromeda is the first installment of the new trilogy. It will be up to the Italian sales determine whether the next episodes will receive a complete localization work or not.

Computers are good for Game Online – Cheap, Powerful

A good computer for online games that do not need an expensive, remember, with lower-priced computer specifications, and by selecting the right computer components, you can play online games smoothly, its popular terms without ngelag.

This article was inspired by a number of outstanding questions on the internet even personal environment of the writer’s life, a lot of friends who ask about these issues, questions such as “computer specifications for a good online games was like what the heck?” or “computer for the online gaming cafe at what price?” ,

game online point blank

To answer such questions, we need to see in advance what games will we play, remember the game online PB or CS has a specification that is lower compared to the game Battlefield 3 played online, so the computer specifications will vary, let we see tips for assembling a computer game online.

Most of the games that are popular in the country such as online games Point Blank, Counter Strike, Zuma or even online games cute Barbie, online games do not require the computer specs that are too good, I mean the class processor dual-core, memory VGA 1GB 2GB is more than enough.

Many people who buy a computer for online gaming with the specifications of excessive, even very unreasonable according to the author, for example to play online games that do not need an Intel Core i7 whose price is far from cheap, better use of existing funds to purchase other components , You can see here the processor price: price list processor .

Choosing the right computer processor

The main thing that is important in the selection of computer components is to choose the right processor, yes with a suitable processor and of course good for computer games, then we will save a lot of money, especially cafe owners who require substantial capital. Remember, not too much spending money to buy computer games online processors, choose wisely and do not be too stingy for the affairs of the processor. Some authors recommend a processor for online gaming computers include Intel Pentium G series and also AMD Trinity APU or who also have good onboard VGA.

Cost-powered VGA it is enough for online gaming

Online games such as Counter Strike Point Blank and indeed have considerable image, for that we should at least have enough bertenanga VGA as well. Therefore, the selection of a suitable VGA fitting and indeed must be considered. Currently in the market we can get a lot of VGA’s are good enough to run the latest online games though, call it NVidia GeForce GT630 or Radeon HD 6670 proved to be brave in the race for online games computer games even more.

Note the specification of VGA would you buy, make sure at least has VGA 512MB or 1GB of memory, DDR3 or DDR5 better. There again, if you do not want to use the VGA and to save money, you can select processors from Intel Ivy Bridge or AMD Trinity, both have VGA-onboard are powerful enough to run a lot of online games, online 3D games even though.

Hard disk memory and taste

1GB of memory is now sorely lacking, but the memory above 4GB is also very exaggerated, for purposes of memory online game today, ideally 2GB-4GB is enough. To be sure just how much capacity HDD game that you will use, at least 250GB or 320GB is good enough to hold some of your favorite online game.

Want a good online computer games and resilient? PSU wear nice!

Even though your computer has a high specification and high-priced, but it will all be underpowered when PSU (Power Supply) that you use is a standard PSU. Wear a quality PSU with labels like Pure Power of the brand Corsair, Seasonic, Muscle Power, Acbel, and others. PSU for computer games online is also not necessary that have high power, although depending on the specifications as well, but the computer is fairly standard for online game Pure Power 400 watt PSU only.

Different types of online games, different specifications of the computer
If you are a fan of online gaming heavyweights such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, I recommend vga rich enough to run games like this, at least I judge NVidia GT440, GT430 VGA or HD 6670 is minimal. Ideally you have a VGA such as HD 7750 and this class can run heavy games online, do not forget to quad-core processor and 4GB memory also seems to have to think about.

Still less information? I think a few points above you can already understand, but to add to your reference, can also play to the page online gaming business , or if you seriously want to get optimal specifications of computer games, try reading the article on the site computer hardware Toms Hardware .
Conclusion and good online computer game

I reiterate once again, a good computer for online gaming that is not too expensive, with money of about 2 million to 3 million alone, you can get a computer assembly that is ready for you to enjoy comfortably. Bottom line like this.

Select at least a dual-core processor, the Intel Pentium G620 can sample, G860, AMD Liano APU series, AMD Trinity A6-5400K premises onboard VGA Radeon HD7540D and other valuable processor below 1 million
Use at least 2GB of memory for best results, if for heavy game can be expanded up to 4 GB

The latest onboard VGA or VGA add-on is worth about 500 thousand-600ribu, if for online gaming heavyweight, at least 1 million such select VGA HD 7750

HDD is enough to keep your online game, 250GB and 320GB I think is pretty good

PSU pure power, mandatory.

Maybe that’s a little description of admin blog computer is, this article will be endeavored to always uipdate in line with the development of hardware and the latest computer games. If you want to ask about a good computer for gaming online with low price but powered, please leave a comment, se-admin could possibly be helpful, do not forget if you like this article on share and like. Hopefully useful and good pick.