Windows 10: Support end of the original version moved backwards

Windows 10

The original version of Windows 10 is also known as version 1507 (RTM). For this issue, the support end should come originally on 26 March 2017. This was due to the fact that version 1607 was added to the so-called “Current Branch for Business” (CBB).

With Windows 10 , Microsoft has changed the model of its operating system, since the OS is now regarded as a service, accordingly it is also referred to as “Windows as a Service” (WaaS). This means that it is constantly updated. And the updates should not be ignored, because the support for the “original” Windows 10 ends soon.

This is for most probably unusual, since especially fast support end date depends on the “Windows as a Service” model. Because with the conversion to WaaS, only two “main” versions of Windows 10 are supported and supplied with patches and bug fixes.

Grace period

However, Microsoft has announced a “grace period” with regard to version 1507 (Build 10240): In a contribution to TechNet (via Neowin ), the Redmonder Group writes that the end of support will not be completed on March 26th , But about two months later. Microsoft just announced the May 2017, a more exact date was not called.

As Microsoft writes on the Windows Insider program website, the company is supplementing the program with additional features in the coming months. IT specialists are able to better prepare their company for a migration to Windows 10, to integrate new services and tools more quickly into the systems or to ensure the security of new applications.

Why did you decide to move this date, Microsoft did not say. It is currently not officially known how many users are currently still running with the original Windows 10.

If you are using Windows 10, there is no real reason not to update to the Anniversary Update (version 1607) and the upcoming Creators Update (presumably “version 1704”), as they bring numerous improvements. Whoever has not done this for any reason, but now gets a little more time to catch up.

Red Spinach Leaves Until Useful From Roots


red spinach Spinach Red Рactually icp capsule jakarta  spinach is not only known for its green spinach alone. But there is also a red spinach or blitul rubrum. Characteristics that have stems and leaves of red. Has a height of about 0.4-1 mtr trunk and branching, weak and watery stems, leaves sessile, ovoid and pointy red base. This type of fat is also widely consumed by each person. Can be prepared fresh vegetables, vegetable salad fry up. Spinach also has a number of benefits that are good for your health consume kita.selain white green spinach and spinach, we also need to consume red spinach. In addition spinach this type can also be mixed as a natural food coloring on fried rice.

Content of Substance In Red Spinach

As with ordinary spinach, red spinach also contain many substances therein. Spinach is a natural chemical element that can help the health of the body. Chemical substances that can be found are protein, fat, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, amarantin, routine, purine and vitamins A, B, and C. For that consume spinach this type is suitable for everyday life.

Efficacy Red Spinach

In general spinach has a function as enhancers of the kidneys and digestion. Especially with red spinach, root spinach can certainly be used as a remedy dysentery. With a high fiber content, spinach also helps smooth bowel movement. In addition spinach leaves can be used as an infusion material because it contains 30% orally that can increase levels of serum iron, hemoglobin and reduce anemia. Certainly it is not a loss if we consume spinach let alone the type of spinach in red.

Utilization Red Spinach

Not only used as a cooking ingredient, but spinach is also has a utility that is so complete. From the leaves to the roots also yield many benefits. The leaves can be used as material for the infusion water, spinach stems can also be used as a remedy dysentery, as well as to the roots of red spinach can be used as an anti-malarial drugs and dengue fever.

Spinach For Body Health Benefits


The benefits of spinach already visible from icp capsule various high nutrient content therein. The benefits of spinach are very diverse and good for the body especially for children who are growing. Some of the benefits of spinach are as follows:

1. Important To Maintain Eye Health

Spinach is one of the vegetables that are very high in vitamin A, we know that this vitamin is essential to maintaining the health of the eye in order to keep good eyesight.

2. Maintain bone health

Vitamin K in spinach helps absorption of calcium is good for bones. In people who have elderly are very susceptible to osteoporosis, and therefore very important to consume spinach and especially in children who are growing flowers. Balance also with milk for calcium is important for bone formation.

3. Maintain a healthy heart

Cholesterol plaque in the arteries will increase the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants in spinach prevents buildup of cholesterol and blood pressure are also able to control the distance of hypertension.

4. Prevent Cancer

Benefits spinach contained on this flavonoid is able to reduce infection in the body that cause cancer. Some of these ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and colon cancer. In addition, some studies have also revealed that spinach is believed to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

5. Prevent Aging

Vitamin A and antioxidant content contained in spinach help to prevent and combat premature aging caused by free radicals.

6. Improve efficiency Muscles

Popaye still remember the soap opera? he will grow strong muscular after eating spinach. No one did, because spinach from various studies in the world are believed to be able to improve the efficiency of muscle. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that participants who ate 300 grams of spinach a day reduces the amount of oxygen needed to power their muscles during exercise by five percent. The effect is seen only after three days consumption of spinach. Truly extraordinary.

7. Smooth Digestion

Spinach is a green vegetable that is a very high fiber content, it is most impact on digestive health in the human body. If you experience problems or other digestive CHAPTER helps you consume spinach as your daily menu.

8. Good For Anemia

Spinach contains iron which is very good for producing red blood cells needed by the human body. Red blood shortage or better known anemia, so it’s good you started eating spinach

For Health Benefits Pineapple juice

Benefits of Pineapple juice Many studies have claimed that drinking the juice every day will bring a positive impact on the health of our bodies. No exception with pineapple juice. In addition to the delicious taste, there are a myriad of benefits that you must know. Here are some of the benefits of pineapple juice that we summarized from various sources:

Rich in Antioxidants

Pineapple is known for its high nutritional content and its ability to contain protein-digesting enzymes (bromelain). Pineapple juice is also known as a good source of Vitamin C. As we know Vitamin C and bromelain is one of the antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals and help to boost immunity.
Rich Nutrition

Other benefits of pineapple juice contains a variety of essential minerals required by the body. Some nutrients and minerals that are known contained in pineapple juice is potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C and magnesium. Because it is rich in nutrients, pineapple juice is a good diet for all ages.

Improve Bone Health

Magnesium are present in pineapple juice helps in building bone and connective tissue. Pineapple juice is also a source of calcium which helps in strengthening bones. Both substances is exactly what is playing an active role in maintaining bone that is not porous.

How to Reach Success & Success

Work hard
There is no success or success will find jual perlengkapan laboratorium terpercaya you without you working hard. Success and success is a combination of formula and a formula that is hard work. Many say that working smarter is better than hard work when it actually misguided opinion, both are becoming one formula that is not separated if you want to succeed. You work too hard but do not use your intelligence or work smarter, think extra but without any hard work to make it happen it will only become a mere intention or volition without any action.

Building in a hand businessmen

There was no word surrender
Surrender is a word that might not be “appropriate” if you are willed to successful and unsuccessful. Success is failure delayed is not it? If you continue to try and try and improve by learning from the mistakes and successes then the success will be yours. And in fact there is no word “fail” in the attempt, as long as you are still trying, trying and do not stop what you are doing.

Forgive your past failures
Perhaps you have a gloomy past or failure in your past, but do not make it memperpuruk your condition. You must still move forward and make your past failures as a rearview mirror of your vehicle. You should occasionally look back through the rear view mirror just to make sure you drove right and pulled ahead with a lot better after you look back. Past or failures in the future are you learning to walk forward.

Get rid of obstacles to overcome
The problem is not you should avoid, if you are used to avoid problems when the time comes, the problems in your life and you can not avoid it pinned you will actually collapsed and could not be awakened. Success is a result of how you solve any problem and learn from it. To be successful and managed to be a lot of barriers, obstacles and trials and it is a sure thing. One of the things that most often makes people stop trying to be an assessment of people, talk, taunts and temptations them.

You can not stop others to judge or think about you. You can not stop the chatter is not good from the mouths of others, but your two ears bestowed by God that you can lid for things that are not good for you to hear. You do need constructive criticism from people who have proven successful and unsuccessful, but do not let anyone stop excoriation your steps forward.

Be patient
All processing takes to make it successful, including notable successes. To achieve success and your success requires a long process, obstacles and trials. Try to think even a person to be an adult to go through infancy, childhood, adolescence new adulthood. You can not force a newborn to live to be an adult, and the process takes time and if you follow the process someday you will become adults. Similarly, the success, you can not force what you try to soon be successful and the process took considerable time to make your business succeed and prosper.

The success of your own making
Increase confidence, spirit, remove all of your abilities, extra thinking, and all the things that need to be done for success and success. Because you yourself are able to realize and make it a success. Someone else does contribute and may have a role to success but you alone must build the foundation of your own success. You are the only person who can make your own success and the success of being someone else maybe that will help contribute to developing your success.

Do not compare with others
Comparing with other people is needed to assess how well you imitate or learn from someone who is successful before you. This will motivate you to work harder to realize your dream of success, but do not compare you to others in the negative side … This will actually make you feel inferior and stop your step. there will be doubt and negativity to your success. nah than you compare the negative side such as:

“Obviously he is more successful than I am because he bla..bla..bla .. (handsome, beautiful, rich, have the capital, had power, higher education)” then sebaiknay compare with positive statements like “If he was just a high school graduate can only successful, why do I have graduated from college can not, I have to be … ”

Pray and donate / share success
Someone to share the happiness and success to others, God will multiply him happiness and success. No one is charity or alms impoverished Rather, they will be more happy and successful. We are social creatures who can not live alone without any other people, sharing success and happiness will make you better understand the meaning of a better life. Pray also besides closer with God in carrying out your duties as a religious community also in prayer is a way to motivate yourself to act and think better because people pray nobody prayed for worse.

Cause Failed to Find Success & Tips to Overcome

Tips to find jual genset cummins success in life – Success is the achievement of goals or anything intended or envisioned. Success can also mean getting all that you dream of. The success according to the standpoint of people will always be different, no measure success by the number of materials that can be collected, how much salary they receive and there are also get jobs that match interests can be called a success. But we all would agree that success depends on the success of gain or achieve certain goals that we are targeting, or we dream.

How to find success in life
Success belongs to all those who want to fight, all entitled to success (according to what they are targeting or dream). Everyone also has the same potential for success, things you need to do to succeed is to do what successful people do before you. Learn from those who succeed, learn from your failure, never give up, try and work hard are some steps that can help you succeed.

Cause Failed to Find Success & Tips to Overcome

What Makes us Failed?
If you really want to succeed then you must have a solid understanding of certain concepts that can help and explore your potential and that can make you successful. Most people who fail are often limited misconceptions and eventually they fail, here are some things that most people fail or do not succeed in life.
False beliefs
often to blame
Less Persistent / not working hard enough
Less flexible
lack of planning
Lack of confidence
Feeling Less resource
Excessive fear

Well then we will discuss one by one the problems that cause you to fail as above and turn it into a positive thing that can help you find the motivation and awaken your potential for success, once again because everyone has the same potential for success and are entitled to get it:

False beliefs
Confidence is one of the main factors why we fail in life. Confidence is good and right will build motivation we become stronger and our intention to be a successful menjai growing. Often we have an error in confidence when you have never tried or do. As an example, you want to get a job but you have the wrong belief before you try to apply for a job like “Ah me the high school graduates, while the Bachelor many are unemployed especially me,” or you could just want to approach a woman but you feel inferior like “Ah he’s a rich lady, smart and beautiful, which would equal that barely fit me like this “. Well obviously not that the mistaken belief will dismiss your intentions clear before you try trying.

Obviously the mistaken belief will make you not only fail in your life but also will destroy your life. Always think positively to make a strong belief that the stronger your intention as well. As I explained at the top of the points that everyone has the same chance and have the same rights to successful differentiate only spirit alone. If you have a wrong belief because of your shortcomings, because it was difficult or feel you can not clear it will cause you to fail even before you try it.

As a motivational course Richard branson a wealthy owner of the emperor businesses that Virgin Group did not graduate from high school can be successful, Jan Koum a billionaire founder of WhatsApp diakuisi Facebook someone with poor son of a widow Ukraine who moved to the USA to change fate, learn computers and its application only on computers battered, rejected by some large companies such as Facebook and eventually Facebook itself, which acquired WhatsApp from Jan Koum and buy at fantastic prices. Why they are successful, because they have a strong belief that any shortcomings can not stop them from success. Read also change bad habits for success.

Often blame outside factors cause your failure
External Locus of Control is a way of thinking that makes one assume that everything that happens to him is the result of external factors. For example, you claim that the high unemployment rate, graduate education you are low or difficult jobs is the reason you can not find a job or can another example causes you perform poorly at work because your boss is fierce and often scold you are an example of the locus of external control. So that you will blame everything good condition, deficiency, can also others who are responsible for your failure. People who succeed will not blame anyone if they fail, they will not blame just them find the right solution so that they can find and fix the failure.

Benefits and Pineapple Fruit for Health Benefits

Pineapple fruit or sometimes also called the pineapple or Ananas has the Latin name Ananas comosus, fruit is believed to come from a tropical country that is berasil, Bolivia and Paraguay. This plant is a plant of the family pineapple-nanasan, and is one of the tropical fruits that grow well in Indonesia, especially in the highlands, plant pineapple low growing and fruit Have Ingredients Vitamin C and Vitamin A that has the content of Antioxidant high good for human health.

Basically pineapple fruit is, indeed not a fruit that looks beautiful when seen from the outside, to form the pineapple fruit skin is so rough, no one considers that pineapple is so good for beauty. Generally pineapple on not only be used for alternative medicine, many are also processed pineapple fruit that often we consume. Such as the pineapple jam, Lotis pineapple, candied pineapple and others – others.

pineapple for health benefits

Well, then on this occasion admin daradaeng want to share your knowledge on the multiple benefits of pineapple for the health of our bodies are as follows.

1. Streamlining digestion

Benefits of Pineapple fruit we can get fruit because it has bromelain enzyme in large quantities. Enzi mini useful to make the digestive system smoothly and as lozenges. So if you want your percenaan smoothly komsumsilah pineapple.

2. Accelerate the wound healing process

Another benefit of the enzyme Bromelain contained in pineapple that could accelerate the wound healing system and reduce inflammation and swelling in the body.

3. Acting as a cleaner

Pineapple function for these cleaners can be obtained from the presence of the enzyme bromelain which can help so that the acid content in the blood so balanced. Pineapple can also reduce excessive water content of the body to be able to help treat the disease Edema.

4. Overcoming the problem of dandruff

Pineapple can be used to address the problem of dandruff. How, to prepare a quarter of the fruit ripe pineapple. Peel, grated, squeezed and filtered. Add the pineapple water with the juice of one lemon and stir until evenly distributed. Use this mixture to rub on the scalp are dandruff.

Work activities at night before bed. The next day, wash your hair with a wash. Work on the activity during the 2 to 3 times in 1 week.

5. Helps to soften food

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which can be useful to help soften the food in the stomach. This enzyme can act as an anti-inflammatory as well as inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

6. Streamlining menstruation

Pineapple young can accelerate menstruation, therefore, pineapple can be consumed to expedite menstruation. For pregnant women, actually advised not to consume the main pineapple fruit pineapple young.

Wedding Book, A Gift To Surprise The Bride

Wedding Book, A Gift To Surprise The Bride

Wedding book, a gift to surprise the bride

Are you looking for ideas to make happy your friend who is getting married Here’s the wedding book, a gift to surprise the bride that collects all the best moments of the wedding, from the early preparations for the biggest thrills of the fateful day.

What could be nicer to write down each step and emotion that will bring to the big day If you are the witness, a maid or close friend of the bride and want to make her a present to congratulate her for the happy event, you can give her a beautiful notebook to be kept up to date during the preparations for the wedding.

You can decide whether to buy it already made, opting for something colorful and romantic but certainly more impersonal, or opt for a wedding book DIY custom tailored to the bride and groom. In this way, the bride will not only photos or films to commemorate the day of his big day, but also a practical book that will help you remember step by step all the way leading her to say Yes, I do ! .

Ideas can be many, depending on your dexterity and the type of book you want to accomplish. Some people take a notebook already done and decorating it with a few rhinestones, flower and written, or who decides to leave almost from scratch, and arm themselves with paper, fabric and colors to create a true work of art. If you want to roll up your sleeves and put you to the test,


1 notebook hardcover
paper scrapbooking or decoupage
PVA glue
1 brush
timbrini, ink, pens, markers, rhinestones, etc.

Start with the outer cover of your book, which will be covered with the fabric you have chosen, trying not to give her wrinkles when you are going to stick it on the surface. Place the notebook on top of the fabric, leaving about one centimeter outside edge that ripiegherete inward, cut the exact size and expect to fix everything.

In fact, before gluing the edges inside the notebook cover, requires the cutting of a paper scrapbooking or decoupage the extent of the cover so as to make the interior even more polished. Choose a card at will, in solid colors or with romantic subjects, such as flowers and colored hearts.

Colored Shoes With Heels, The Most Cheerful Trend For Spring Summer 2015

Colored Shoes With Heels, The Most Cheerful Trend For Spring Summer 2015

colored heels, here’s the coolest trend for Spring Summer 2015. From pastel shades to multicolor proposals, here is the trend that more than any other will invade your wardrobe with a slew of lively colors. About some of the most interesting proposals of the season

Color, here is the keyword of the Spring Summer 2015! On any shade falls your attention, it is important to escape the boredom of gloomy winter colors to open the liveliness of the warm and bright summer colors waiting a few more sunny day before invading your wardrobe, even if in this case we had better to say the shoe.

Red, yellow, turquoise, orange hues, not to mention the pastel colors toward fluo, who return to us company after a few years on the run. Only one color at a time or a jumble of colors that blend into one another with a great trend for Spring Summer 2015 in one word we could just define multicolor.

In short, there are of all colors and all models from Balenciaga fluorescent colors, which go hand in hand with its reptile prints, the pumps Alexander McQueen in the coolest colors of the season, passing for exclusive proposals Dior who delights us with printed silk or leather pumps eccentric colors soon there will be spoiled for choice and, of course, how could we forget the new Christian Louboutin collection That’s right, there will be spoiled for choice, but on condition that you are willing to compromise with comfort. The heels of the Spring Summer 2015 are decidedly tall and thin, except for a few exceptions such as Gucci, which among seasonal proposals also fits models with square heel.

You too want to update your shoe with the new trend of the season shoes Then you can not possibly you lost our photo gallery with the best proposals of colored heels for Spring Summer 2015.

The neon accents mark different models of the collection The Pandorine from trunks with front decorative star and colored handles contrast with the base, to shoulder messenger bags, with colored single handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap. The new collection of handbags Spring  Summer 2015 The Pandorine reviews the look of his most famous models focusing on games of forms and materials.

Vietnamese Cuisine Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Vietnamese Cuisine Vietnamese Chicken Salad

The Vietnamese chicken salad is a dish full of Vietnamese cuisine because it is made from vegetables, meat and rice noodles. But it is also full of oriental flavors exclusively! For example, the fish sauce in this recipe, is a typical ingredient of oriental dishes Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and other countries of Southeast Asia, and is a condiment made from fermented fish (usually anchovies).


500 grams of chicken fillet
150 grams of rice noodles
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 red pepper
2 teaspoons fish sauce
2 teaspoons vegetable oil peanut
2 carrots
1 cucumber
100 g of bean sprouts
50 grams of peanuts
mint q.s.


Start your preparation by putting the chicken in a saucepan and covering it with plenty of cold water. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to low, and cook, covered, for about 10 minutes. Drain the chicken and let cool, then sfilettatelo and place in a bowl. Now proceed with the preparation of spaghetti making them soaked in another bowl with boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Drain and keep aside. Meanwhile wash the carrots and cucumbers and, with the help of a mandolin, cut into strips julienne cucumbers and carrots. Add chopped vegetables and bean sprouts with chicken and proceed with the preparation of the sauce. Take vinegar, lime juice, fish sauce and oil and emulsify everything with a fork until mixture is smooth. Add the noodles to chicken, then pour over the sauce and stir. Garnish with mint peeled, crushed peanuts and pepper cut into rings purposes.
Indian food: vegetable samosas

The vegetable samosas are dumplings filled with spicy typical of Indian cuisine, appetizers and delicious snacks, excellent also with meat.


170 gr. of wheat flour
4 potatoes
150 gr. fresh peas
1 onion
2 green chillies
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 clove garlic
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
1 tablespoon coriander powder
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon garam masala
2 tablespoons lemon juice
extra virgin olive oil q.s.
salt q.s.


Begin mixing the flour with two tablespoons of oil, a pinch of salt and water until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous, then let it rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Chop the garlic, onion and green chillies finely and fry in a pan with hot oil. Now add the peas, potatoes thinly sliced ??and a few tablespoons of water, then cover with a lid and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. When you will be dried cooking water, season with salt and add the lemon juice, pepper, cumin, garam masala, ginger and coriander, then cook for another 5 minutes. At this point, take the dough from the refrigerator and divide it into more balls and roll it out with the help of the rolling pin to disk. Cut each disc in half creating ornaments that are going to fill with a spoonful of vegetables cooked previously. Now close the dough cone creating bundles that sigillerete edges well. Meanwhile, heat oil in a frying pan and cook the samosas until fully browned.