Types of earthquakes based on the cause, the depth and the wave

Earthquakes have often occurred in Indonesia and even had to pose a tsunami wave that many casualties. Just to add insight below will describe the types of earthquakes, may be useful for us all.

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Based on the type of cause

Earthquake Tectonics

The earthquake was caused by the tectonic activity, ie shifting tectonic plates suddenly has the power from very small to very large. This earthquake caused more damage or natural disasters on earth, a powerful earthquake vibrations capable of spreading to all parts of the earth.

Tectonic earthquakes are caused by perlepasan [power] that occur due to shifting tectonic plates plate like a rubber band is stretched and released suddenly. Power generated by the pressure between the rocks known as tectonic disability. The theory of plate tectonics (plate tectonics) explains that the earth is composed of several layers of rock, most of the area of ​​the crust it will drift and float in layers like snow. These layers stir slowly so broken to pieces and collide with each other.

This is what causes earthquakes tectonic tektonik.Gempa indeed unique. Map of the distribution follows the pattern and special rules and narrow, which follows the pattern of meeting tectonic plates that make up the earth’s crust. In the earth sciences (geology), the theoretical framework of plate tectonics is a postulate to explain the phenomenon of tectonic earthquake that hit virtually the entire area, which is adjacent to the boundary of tectonic plates meeting. Earthquake collision; The earthquake was caused by a meteor or asteroid that fell to Earth, types of earthquakes are rare

Volcanic earthquakes (volcano)

Earthquakes have occurred as a result of magma activity, which usually happens before the volcano erupted. If the higher activeness it will cause an explosion that would also lead to the occurrence of earthquakes. The earthquake was only felt around the volcano.

Earthquake collision

Earthquake is caused by a meteor or asteroid that fell to Earth, types of earthquakes are rare

Earthquake ruins

Earthquakes usually occur in the limestone area or in mining regions, this earthquake is rare and localized.

Artificial earthquake

Artificial earthquake was an earthquake caused by the activities of humans, such as the detonation of dynamite, nuclear or hammers that struck the earth’s surface.

Based on the type of Depth

Earthquakes in

Earthquakes in earthquake hiposentrumnya is located more than 300 km below the earth’s surface (within the crust). Earthquakes in generally not very dangerous.

Earthquakes medium

Medium earthquakes are earthquake hiposentrumnya located between 60 km and 300 km below the earth’s surface bumi.gempa medium generally mild and vibration damage is more pronounced.

Shallow earthquakes

Shallow earthquakes are earthquake hiposentrumnya located less than 60 km from the earth’s surface. These earthquakes usually cause great damage.

Based on the type of wave

  • Primary waves

Primary wave (wave lungitudinal) are waves or vibrations propagate in the body of the earth with a speed of 7-14 km / sec. These vibrations come from hiposentrum

  • Secondary waves

Secondary wave (transverse wave) is waves or vibrations propagate, such as primary waves at speeds that have been reduced, which is 4-7 km / sec. Secondary waves can not propagate through the liquid layer.

Tips on Dealing with Earthquakes

Lately Indonesia, just hit by the disaster. One was the earthquake. The most frightening, this disaster is difficult to predict its arrival. Whether a state of calm, a sudden earthquake. But really what that earthquake?

Simply put, the earthquake is a sudden shift in the soil layers below the surface of the earth due to the movement of tectonic plates, volcanic activity, and rock debris. Well, because Indonesia is a country located at the confluence of three slabs of the earth, it often happens in collisions that cause the earthquake shaking.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips on Dealing with Earthquakes

Because time arrival is not certain, of course we must always be alert if the disaster came suddenly. Well, what can be done before and after the earthquake? Here, most earthquakes occur love some tips that you can apply.

Before an earthquake:
– Recognize our homes, especially from dangerous parts such as the roof or the house that easily fall.
– Recognize also the surrounding environment. Is there a field that can be a place for a safe refuge. Also make sure the path to the gathering point you’ve memorized.
– If you are indoors note where the emergency exits or stairs.
– Record important phone numbers to call during an earthquake.

When an earthquake happens:
– In the house: when vibrations occur, act to save themselves and the family. When away from the exit take cover under a table, or other objects such as pillows, board, or hand facedown
– At the mall, the movies or the ground floor: do not panic! Follow officers or security guards. Do not use the elevator. Come out using emergency stairs and immediately seek the open position and secure.
– Outdoors: ducking and wherever possible to protect the head, as he moved to a safe place.
– Inside the vehicle: Do not panic, hold on to the pole or anything around you. If the vehicle stopped immediately and into the open.
– On a mountain or beach: march to a safe place, if you are on the beach there is the possibility of a tsunami, move to a safer place.

After the Earthquake:
– Move to a safe place.
– Stay alert with the aftershocks.
– Do not come to the ruins.

Well that’s a bit of how to deal with earthquakes, in essence, do not trigger panic ya friend. Stay alert and follow the steps above.

Secrets Behind The Benefits of Cucumber Fruit Freshness Suri

Ever enjoyed the freshness of cucumber Suri? Suri cucumber or fruit called Barteh including one fruit that is quite popular in Indonesia, especially during the fasting month. Fruits are entered in the pumpkin-labuan members not only help release the thirst quickly, but it also contains extraordinary properties for health.
That’s because the content of nutrients contained in cucumber, among others: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, linoleic acid, glucose, fluktosa, fiber, saponins, and many others. Though suri cucumber fruit not including seasonal fruit, but in Indonesia, seasonal fruit is grown on a large scale before the fasting month of Ramadan.

Besides eaten as fruit slices, cucumber can also be used as a juice or a mixture of ice-ice Fruit. If you are a fan of Cucumber Suri, it’s good to see some incredible benefits that you can get from the fruit, including:

Adding energy quickly

Cucumber containing glucose and fluktosa useful boost energy quickly. So the fruit is not just relieve thirst, but also makes you re-powered.

Blood MenormalkanTekanan

Potassium, magnesium, and fiber in the cucumber very potent keep blood pressure to remain normal.

Maintain Eye Health

The content of vitamin A daam cucumber is good to maintain eye health.

A healthy digestive system

The content of natural fiber in the cucumber is very useful to keep the digestive system in order to stay healthy and function perfectly.

Protecting kidney function

Cucumber has the best natural diuretic properties that are useful for protecting and treating the kidney. So the fruit is very suitable to help smooth the urinary tract.

Keeping skin beauty

Cucumber contains Vitamin and antioxidant sting also good to maintain the beauty of your skin, for example: preventing premature aging, free radicals and make the skin taut and elastic.

Preventing Cancer

In addition to lowering cholesterol, saponin compound content in fruit suri cucumber helpful snagat prevent from the cancer.

Improve Body Immune System

Vitamin C in cucumber is very beneficial boost the immune system to ward off germs.

Nourish hair and nails

The content of silica in cucumber is very powerful to maintain the beauty of your hair and nails.

It was from Cucumber queen who looks normal, can provide tremendous benefits to health. Hopefully useful.

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sterling and euro hit highs

The greenback slouching against a basket of major currencies on Tues, because the Federal Reserve’s pacifist comments regarding rate hikes continuing to weigh down sentiment whereas sterling and therefore the monetary unit surged.

sterling and euro hit highs

The U.S. kurs dollar, that measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, tumbled 0.68% to 99.48 by 13:22 EDT.

The greenback dived to a six-week low, as higher than expected economic knowledge did not raise sentiment whereas a surge in sterling and monetary unit cumulous more pressure on the buck.

The executive department same on Tues, this account deficit, that measures the distinction in price between exported smart, service and interest payments, fell 3.1% to $112.4 billion.

Economist had expected this account deficit to shrink to $128.2 billion.

Meanwhile, investors welcome the primary spherical of FRS speakers, once the U.S. financial institution raised rates last Wednesday.

FOMC member William Dudley spoke at an incident in big apple town, however failed to discuss financial policy whereas Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester is owing to create associate look later throughout the session.

Elsewhere, sterling and therefore the monetary unit surged against the buck throughout the session, once higher than expected United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland inflation knowledge propped up the pound whereas the monetary unit gained on the rear of growing optimism that centrist candidate Emmanuel diacritical mark would see off the challenge from anti-EU candidate Marine LE Pen within the French presidential race.

GBP/USD rose one.06% to $1.2491 whereas EUR/USD listed zero.7% higher to $1.0814.

Meanwhile, the greenback bucked its trend lower against the yen with USD/JPY zero.68% lower at 111.80 whereas USD/CAD fell zero.21% to $1.3323.

Dollar extends slide, euro tops $1.08

The greenback extended losses against the opposite major currencies on weekday, pressured lower by the Federal Reserve’s pacifist steerage on the longer term pace of financial modification.

Dollar extends slide, euro tops $1.08

The U.S. greenback index, that measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, was down 0.6% at 99.56 at 12.00 ET, its lowest trough since Feb three.

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans same Monday the Fed is on the right track to boost rates doubly additional this year, underlining the read that the financial organisation can persist with a gradual pace of modification when last week’s rate hike.

The greenback was additionally on the defensive when G20 money leaders born a pledge to stay international trade free and open from a policy statement at the weekend, following opposition from the more and more exponent Trump administration.

The move revived uncertainty over U.S. trade relations and by extension the Trump administration’s issues over the robust greenback.

The monetary unit hit six-week highs as issues over the French presidential elections mitigated when centrist Emmanuel diacritical mark gave the impression to commence on high in a very televised dialogue against his main rival, reactionist anti-EU leader Marine autoimmune disorder Pen.

Le Pen has pledged to require France out of the monetary unit and hold a vote on http://kursdollar.co.id.

EUR/USD advanced zero.61% to 1.0805, its highest level since February 2.

Sterling rose to three-week highs, with GBP/USD up zero.98% to 1.2480 when information showing that the annual rate of inflation within the GB rose to the very best since September 2013 in Feb.

The monetary unit was lower against the pound following the inflation report, with EUR/GBP down zero.36% at 0.8657.

The greenback fell to three-week lows against the yen, with USD/JPY down zero.61% to 111.85.

Meanwhile, the Canadian dollar hit three-week highs when stronger-than-expected domestic retail sales information and as costs of oil, a significant Canadian export, rose.

USD/CAD was down zero.23% at 1.3317, when falling as low as one.3266 earlier.

U.S. must stick to WTO rules when overhauling tax code

The new U.S. administration ought to keep its international obligations and customary trade rules in mind once overhauling its tax code to favor exports over imports, senior European and German establishment same on weekday.

U.S. must stick to WTO rules when overhauling tax code

Seeking to place “America first”, U.S. President Donald Trump has already force out of 1 major trade agreement and projected a border tax on imports, contestation that bound trade relationships have to be compelled to be reshaped to form them fairer for U.S. workers.

“The European Commission expects all trade partners to stay to international rules and obligations to that they committed, particularly below the framework of the planet Trade Organization,” a senior Common Market official same, pertaining to U.S. proposals to introduce a border adjustment tax.

The EU official, UN agency spoke on condition of namelessness, pointed to the world organization demand to avoid any kind of discrimination in trade relations.

Germany Deputy Economy Minister Matthias Machnig urged the new U.S. administration to abide by the foundations below the world organization framework.

“The mechanism of dispute settlement among the world organization could be a assets that is value protective and while not that the ‘law of the jungle’ would become additional necessary in international trade,” Machnig told the weenie Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

“We hope that the necessary advocate of trade, the us, won’t fail,” Machnig else.
Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries has told the us that Berlin might file a suit against Washington at the world organization over Trump’s projected border tax on bound imports.

Reflecting the new U.S. administration’s biggest purpose of friction however with the international community, the world’s money leaders on Saturday didn’t affirm a joint pledge in their final G20 news report to resist all economic policy.

Most G20 members created clear throughout the discussions within the German city of Baden-Baden that they supported a free, multi-lateral and rules-based trade order, in keeping with participants.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had advised a looser choice of words supporting a free and truthful trade order.
The final news report enclosed solely a token relation to trade and its importance for economies.

Development of Flower-growing Baby age 0-3 months

Growing hibiscus baby age 0 up to 3 months. The development of a baby age 0 months, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months to know by its mother. What are things that can be done baby age 0 up to 3 months. By knowing the development and growing of cotton baby age 0-3 months will help mom and Dad in controlling the development of the baby.

It feels happy when looking at the baby’s been born into the world safely. Especially when looking at the baby could move on and ask Allah look plump and cheerful. The baby is one entertainer that can get rid of tiredness either tired physically and tired minds.

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Growing flower babies age 0 to 3 months should be cared for properly. The intent is so that we can evaluate if there are abnormalities in the baby. The normal age for infants 0-3 months there are several indicators that must exist. Although sometimes each baby has different flower growing. There is a fast and others slow. By knowing the speed of these developments then we could easily place the stimulation or the stimulation of helpers so that baby can develop even better.

In the flower-growing babies there are at least two things that affect IE

1. dietary Factors given to the baby. Especially the food consumed the mother when the baby is still exclusive BREAST MILK. Because food can affect the mother’s breast milk.

2. the good health of the baby. To preserve the health of the baby then takes care of the good. Be it regarding the care of the environmental hygiene, food hygiene and clothing as well as the use of baby supporter needs such as soaps, oils, powders and others.

3. Stimulation and stimulation that is given to the baby whether it’s about the quality and quantity of stimulation stimulation. Accuracy in providing this stimulation will help grow flower babies get better again. If the stimulus is given excessive then it will also impede the growing swell of the baby.

For the next stage of development of babies age 0 to 3 months who need mom and dad should know

1. Grow a flower from the age of 1 day to 30 days

Baby age 0 months up to 1 month or 1 day to 30 days experiencing some growing hibiscus that is

a. instinctively and naturally the baby been able to suck breast milk. Suck BREAST MILK the baby this is the ability to meet the needs of the food.
b. the baby had started to be able to move his hands, feet, and fingers its fingers
c. the baby had started to give a response or reaction when seeing the light sources using vision.
d. the baby can cry when the first baby was hungry thirsty, urinating and defecating.

2. Flower Growing babies from age 1 month to 3 months

As for the stage of the growing swell of babies this age are as follows

a. a baby will begin to learn tengkurap and trying to lift his head.
b. with the vision, the baby will try to follow the object or objects that he saw.
c. baby will start giving response to smile when looking at a person’s face.
d. Provide a reaction if there is a sound source.
e. Babies already know his mother through his sight, smell, hearing and direct contact.
f. baby is able to hold and grasping or holding an object that disentuhkan on the ends of the fingers and the Palm of his hand.
g. the baby is already able to ramble on spontaneously.

At least there are some developments that could we see on babies in accordance with the above criteria. At least growing important role is not much different from what has been mentioned above. Although sometimes not showing the baby from all that has been mentioned. So the mothers do not have to worry if all the growing swell baby don’t look at the age. It could be important to grow somewhat slower.

That’s several stages of development and the growing swell of babies age 0 to 3 months. When there is a very striking difference can be consulted to the pediatrician for consultation all control the baby’s health. May be useful.